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    Will I get bonus points if the proposed new school becomes a combined Catholic and Anglican Primary school which would be an obvious feeder then into St Joseph’s Secondary which is one of the (if not the best) one in Wrexham Town. St Joseph’s went due faith with a combined fincial package- part funding from the Church in Wales- Wrexham Education Fund that has over £14 million and due for more funding going into it when the LDP is signed off as thy still own lots of land on Holt Road and Cefn Road.
    St Marys will have cash injection from the sale of their land on Pen Y Bryn so there are various fincial combinations and education reasons why the nine-acre project could be good for the children of Wrexham who are being let down in failing Secondary Schools.

    The announcement this week that the Council have a plan to improve education in secondary schools in the next two years-what a disgrace that our young people have endured a failing secondary school system for the past 10 years with schools dipping in and out of Special Measure and they still need to wait two years. How many of our Young People have been through these schools over the past 10 years and never achieved their full potential.

    Fully support the Nine Acre project but a big black mark against the Education Department for failing our young people.

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