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    Coming from Wrexham & going to the Wrexham industrial estate FINALLY correct lines painted. Go down to the roundabout

    left lane Pandy,
    middle lane gresford & Wrexham industrial estate
    right lane Wrexham industrial estate & Acton.



    Replied to wrong thread



    This roundabout is still a deathtrap. Coming from Acton and taking the middle lane to go all the way around to Gresford… where does that come from?
    I saw two near misses in 24 hours on Sunday.


    David Thomas

    It’s a Wrexham thing in general I think.

    Have a spin around the new layout on the ruabon roundabout, at least in gresford they’ve got traffic lights!



    Bang a Costa on it,that’ll slow everyone down.



    How do others get from Llanypwll Link Road to Gresford village? I haven’t done it for a while. Is it better now? Taking the right hand lane took you back to the link road, town or bypass last time I used it.



    Being almost wiped out by a pratt driver in a chelsea tractor this morning who was in the right hand lane but wanted to head for chester ( i was in the middle lane to go to gresford) i can now say that without better signage for all gresford roundabout has now oficially become a driving deathtrap.

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