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    I note from the Wrexham.com report that Over 40 new homes in Gresford could be approved next week despite highway safety concerns despite 285 objections from local residents and the Gresford and Marford councillors and the councils own Highways Department.

    The traffic on Vicarage Lane and the problems with Health provision in the village have been widely reported and thus the recommendation from Lawrence Istead, a Council employee directly paid by us, is incredulous and the motive must be explored.

    This begs the question why is Istead the only person promoting this application?
    Gower Homes seem to get all their applications approved and this singular Council promoter is bound to raise some questions. It has not gone un-noticed that the council recently purchased some properties recently (guess who from) yes Gower Homes…

    Given all these indications. it is incumbent on the Chief Executive of the council to instigate a full enquiry and investigation to confirm that all in the council Planning Department is beyond reproach. Similarly, the fact that motives can even be subject to question, is a breach of professional responsibility.

    It is time for the people to revolt against the Council and their undemocratic and unpopular planning decisions when they are failing so badly on the provision of necessary infrastructure.

    There is a saying “If it walks like a Duck, quacks like a duck – it’s a Duck”.



    We need more houses in Wrexham so stop whinging and move with the times. Another case of not in my back yard!



    What a huge assumption Huw… Just because someone makes valid points, it does not follow they have an underlying vested interest in this. It could be just as easy coming to the conclusion on your thinking, that perhaps you have a vested interest in this ridiculous plan going ahead.



    Maybe, maybe not.



    It could be approved with a condition that the road is properly upgraded and some contribution is made towards the GP surgery (if it’s a problem that can simply be solved with money).


    The main and general point seems to be lost, why is Lawrence Istead to only person to support this ludicrous application ?

    An earlier application (not from Gower Homes) for elderly homes was refused because of the Road, the only difference is that this application is from GOWER HOMES !

    Just a final point, we do not need any more new houses in Wrexham, even affordable homes are beyond the means of those currently on the streets. What we need is infrastructure first, not putting the cart before the horse.

    I hope the planning committee represent the people who elected them (285 objections) and refuse this application without ‘kicking the can down the road’ i.e. recommending a site visit to hide the application.



    If you’re going to libel somebody you could at least have the decency to spell their name correctly.



    Ding Ding. Break it up! It’s only an A.



    If the land is outside the LDP and seen as unsuitable for development then surely the application should fail. If land outside the LDP is approved for development what is the point of having an LDP plan?



    I do not understand why some Councillors are against this, surely more homes means more windows to clean.

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