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    Poppycock, the huge Articulated lorries manage fine and have done for years, the extra cars would end at start of the site which is nowhere near the length the lorries travel up the lane. With capacity comes growth and infrastructure, ask all the local shops how busy they are with all the new residents. Gresford High St has never been so active. NIMBY’S disagree with any development full stop.They already have their cosy homes, tough luck to anyone else who wants to join the property ladder or improve their lifestyle
    The Council have a legal obligation to allow X amount of space to be developed to provide X amount of dwellings, land such as this piece which has homes/houses either side and in front of it is perfect for building, it allows the overall size of a village to increase without extending its borders and also preserved local identity. House Builders are always looking for land but all the easy to build on land has gone making it a difficult and costly process.



    Not only was I present at the July meeting I spoke directly on this issue and outlined the multiple reasons for rejection. Glad to see common sense prevail and that the planning, and particularly, the Highways issues were decisive. Whilst little sympathy for the planning advice in the report what is untenable is that since Aled Roberts and co bequeathed the council NO Local Development Plan ( LDP ) in 2011 and a shortfall in the housing supply Wrexham has been operating with their planning arms firmly tied behind their backs . Roll on a new LDP!

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