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    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Wrexham Council says its proposal to relocate the Oriel Gallery arts centre will help “transform” the People’s Market and increase footfall in that area of the city.




    The Arts/Hub is set to lose £390,000 over the next three years. This LOSS is after giving the project, Rent from the market £63k, Shop rents £58k, Service charge etc £55k, and Car Park rent, projected to be around £170k. Without these contributions the Arts/Hub will lose £534,000, in the first year alone. The Car Park rent will mean a loss of £170k to the Housing, Public Protection and Environment Department.



    Local businesses led by Nigel Lewis Chairman of the Town Centre Forum are putting forward to the Council an alternative for the Members to consider.
    This current version proposed by the Council is a financial disaster, dependent on £100,000’s to build/refurbish and even more £100,000 just to keep the door open.
    Those of you who can remember the massive over spend on the super schools will see the similarities on this project- no internal expertise within officer or Members to put such a package together. Clr Pritchard as Leader should be looking back at history as there is a real risk that it will be repeated again.



    Well no surprise about this as this council it would seem does not give a toss and just keeps having a blinkered view about certain projects its all about image and ‘points’ so that those in power can look good.
    Brings to mind a large big pile of dog mess waiting to be stepped on.


    Amazing Stats

    A £4.5 million Investment representing £90,000 per unit for 50 units or £180,000 per unit for 25 units. These will be public sector derived, some from the Arts Council, some from VVP, some from the local Rate payer, presumably drawn from (say) Care Homes.

    Projected huge on-going losses even after a mouth-watering Investment which suggests a lack of viability in the user “businesses”.

    Projected user foot-flow of 50,000 rising to 100,000 p.a, representing 160 people per trading day rising to 320 or 20-40 people per hour spread over the entire complex.

    Conclusion; rapid liquidity problems for the project


    Just reading through the Wrexham.Com revelation about the projected loss figures for the proposed Arts Hub and I am even more gob-smacked than I was two days ago.

    When myself, David Cole, Colin Huxley and Mike Scott launched Phase One Records in 1982 we did it as a Partnership putting in £500.00 each and taking out an OD for £5000.00 to provide some working capital. This and the benefit of some supplier credit gave us an opportunity to start a business with no input from the Rate Payer and no risk to anyone but ourselves. This is the pattern in Enterprise Britain.

    To the best of my knowledge none of the Market traders receive Arts grants or alternative subsidies. They are all self starters who invest money from their own pockets and pay above current Wrexham town centre rental patterns for the privilege. What is being proposed and the largesse involved is appalling



    Well done for revealing more of the content of the ‘secret’ report. What can now be determined is that the proposal is so ill thought out and financial suicide that surely no ‘sane’ Council Member could possibly support the proposition of losing so much money year on year.
    A Year 6 Primary School pupils could show that the bottom line is consistently negative and needs subsidy year on year. Yet this is what our highly paid Officers, Council Members and Consultants seem to accept is a feasible proposition.
    With so much Public Sector funding required to get this project of the ground and then subsidy year on year all of the rate a,d tax payers in Wrexham will have this as a financial liability for ever. Surely no ‘sane ‘ Council Member could possibly vote to accept the proposals.
    Lesley Griffiths as Minister responsible for VVP, Council Members and Arts Council all need to look very, very closely at what is being proposed as they will be labelled as the decision makers for the Arts disaster of the decade.



    My wish is that the general public should be told which Councillors ( if there are any ) vote in favour of sending this project to the Executive Board.



    Any Council Member is permitted to signify BEFORE a vote that it should be recorded. I am sure due to the controversy of this most Councillors would want to be seen to support this project and be perfectly happy for a recorded vote.

    This is from Council rules:
    18. VOTING
    *(1) The mode of voting at any meeting of the Council shall normally be by show of hands.
    (2) Provided that on the requisition of any Member of the Council made before the vote is taken (and supported by ten other Members who signify their support by show of hands) the voting on any question shall be recorded so as to show whether each Member present voted for or against that question or abstained from voting.

    It is such a pity that Scrutiny Meetings are not web cast.

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