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    Local residents whio have been using the field uninterupted for 10 years or more may have a case for Adverse Possession whuch gives them the right to continue using the field- someone needs to get a meeting with a specialist solicitor.



    Don’t loads of the houses have gardens that have gates directly going onto the field? Glyndwr have opened up a massive can of worms.



    Glyndwr University riding roughshod over residents yet again. This land has been used for recreation for as long as I remember.


    Mike Davies

    I have been doing a bit of research on this issue for some time. Originally the field was owned by the Council. In 1998 Clwyd County Council transferred a large portion of the field to NEWI under section 126 of the Education Reform Act 1988. I would assume that there were clauses stating that it should be used for educational purposes only, and not sold off at a future date. Glyndwr recently lost their planning application to build on the field and have responded in a rather petulant manner. No doubt they will re-apply but local residents are in for a fight.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Hopefully the local community will set up a campaign group, start recording evidence from people who have used this field for recreational purpose over the years and seek some legal advice.

    Glyndwr University professes to be part of the community, yet really it is little more than a private business charging fees for its services and then claiming we should bend the planning rules just for the university’s benefit so it can make a big profit from its land bank (bought/secured with public funds when education was free at the point of use!) to fund its building schemes.



    The history of the site goes back to the days when Wrexham Training College was first formed after the war due to the shortage of teachers as many had been killed, it was then renamed Catrefle College before merging with NEWI and finally Glyndwr.

    It appears that the original land for Wrexham Training College had an educational covenant which was the reason why Morgan Lllwyd was built on the old college site to retain the legal use of the land.
    The land appears to have originally been in the ownership of the Church under a covenant that also included land along Holt Road, around Wrexham Rugby Club and edging onto the Llwyn Onn Estate.

    This looks like another example of ownership being ‘lost’ in the mist of time, even though Land Registry may depict a different story- perhaps it is time someone challenged the legality of ownership- as Glyndwr has not been using the site for many years that can’t claim it through Adverse Possession but the users of the site could.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Glyndwr is the kid who used to take his football home because he couldn’t get his own way.
    I hope that like that kid, he gets his a$$ kicked next time he shows up to play.

    I used to leave my ball if mum used to call me in for my tea and one of the lads would fetch it back or chuck it into the yard for me. The only time it went in with me was if there was an air raid siren.

    How long until the Council give in and given them permission to build their homes?

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