"Give your feedback on plans to place average speed cameras on Wrexham bypass"

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    Some feedback on your post first Rob.

    Do you share my view that the traffic data shown in the attachment needs refreshing ?

    Weren’t the new signs only erected toward the end of June ?

    My experience is that very few seem to abide by the new temporary limit.

    When someone is belting up after the Gresford Hill ( South ) at 70-80 mph in the overtaking lane, and there is 55mph traffic coming up the Southbound Jctn 6 slip toward Mold Rd, where does that leave the poor souls in the nearside lane also headed south at Jctn 6, travelling at the speed limit ?

    At risk of a bit of a bang I would suspect.

    The temporary scheme is plain nuts. Execute it properly and enforce it if you’re going to bother at all.


    Who is going to pay for it, in the long run.? I agree with you that the present set up is rubbish.

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    Have the nitrogen dioxide levels improved since the start of the trial? Where were the results published?



    I concur with moggsie.
    Whoever dreamt this initial scheme up is quite frankly trying to justify their position and would struggle to organise a pillow fight in a dormitory.
    As has been pointed out elsewhere, what about those joining from the slip roads?
    During my first driving lesson on a bypass my instructor encouraged me to attain a speed of 70 mph in order to join traffic correctly. Joining at 50 is pure folly.
    I’m sure there are far better ways and schemes to promote better air quality by cycling, car share, park& ride and other anti-sedentary lifestyle encouragement.
    Furthermore, any benefit from the 50 mph limit is surely offset by the amount of times traffic is brought to a standstill on the A483!



    How dare anyone infringe on my absolute God-given right to drive MY car as fast as I want to? Elf and safety gone mad.



    Regarding joining the bypass where the 50mph limit applies; If average speed cameras were to be installed on this stretch they would have to put some at the beginning of the 2 slip roads that are used to enter the A483 (B&Q roundabout and Gresford roundabout). There would be no problems then.



    It all seems a bit pointless.

    The monitoring carried out does not appear to present empirical data. Maybe even a bit of guesswork dressed up to look accurate.

    All this at a time when Diesel sales are on the decline.

    Makes perfect sense to blow £275,000 right ?

    Follow the money.



    Has lowering the speed had any effect on the air quality?



    It looks like this is not going to go ahead anyway. They’re asking for feedback and all the feedback I’ve seen is universally against the idea, so back to the drawing board on this one, I guess.



    Average speed cameras for the A483,A5156 are a no brainer,especially if they incorporate ANPR .They will stop the roads being used as a racetrack.If you stay within the law you have nothing to fear.

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