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    Labour ……higher taxes for those who earn more than 80,000………now that doesn’t bother me but it is just high enough not to bother MP’s either they earn £74000 plus expenses .

    Liberals ……1p on basic tax rate, ring fenced for NHS …. good idea but Westminster can’t force Welsh Assembly to spend that money on NHS as it is a devolved matter.

    Conservatives …. No increase in VAT, well it’s a massive 20% already .

    Promises from all parties, but they still break them , remember the Liberals promise of “No increase Tuition Fees” an idea originally brought in by Labour and now edging up to £9250 per year !



    You point out a very significant issue regarding items that are devolved. The national media generally pick up all of the Party rhetoric as if it is UK yet as you have pointed out Health is determined by Welsh Government same with Education, Social Care and lots of other items.
    Tax although WG have not used this power ‘yet’ but they could vary the rates set by Westminster within certain levels.

    It’s time the electorate had the proper news for Wales so that they can understand that voting in a General Election is purely for a person and not the Policies of their National Party Manifestos.

    Both our declared candidates Ian Lucas and Andrew Atkinson need to be very clear in their manifestos what they are actually getting the electorate to sign up to- Ian Lucas may have some inside track knowledge to influence WG but Andrew Atkinson will be fully controlled as a puppet from Westminster as Conservatives have no power within the National Assembly.



    The main point here is the settlement for Wales set by Central Tory led Government. If that settlement reduces then the Welsh Government then have to make savings. It is where those savings are made. To say that Welsh Government have reduced spending on the NHS in Wales but not take into account the reduced settlement just paints the wrong picture.

    To have someone who has basically assisted in tidying the town centre as a candidate for such an important position is ludicrous. Same as the guy who has been put forward up my way in Clwyd South Simon Baynes…he just lost a local election in Powys. If he isn’t good enough for a local authority then he certainly isn’t good enough in Clwyd South. Just hope that people don’t vote blindly and look at what the person has done prior to the election. Simon Baynes has done nothing and only comes out at elections. Still no Lib Dem candidate and Plaid still to name in Wrexham. Wonder who they will be.

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