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    Brother has just put an offer in on a house on Gatewen Village New Broughton but is now having second thoughts and is thinking of pulling out. His main concern is schools but also that there are no shops, pubs, etc near by. Can anyone comment who lives there or has lived there?



    It’s not that bad a place in terms of facilities to be fair. Ysgol Penrhyn is about a five minute walk away and the same for the local Londis and Chinese takeaway in the middle of the village. Then you’ve got the Plas Coch retail park with Sainsbury’s and Aldi etc a short drive away.

    With secondary schools, it depends on how the council measures the nearest but most children go to either Ysgol Bryn Alyn or Clywedog as far as I’m aware.

    I don’t really go to local pubs that often but there’s a few up the hill in Pentre Broughton or the Plas Coch.



    I’m up the hill in Pentre Broughton, not much about really. The school here (Black Lane) is excellent, chip shop/Chinese is average, cross foxes pub nothing to shout about. Shop and post office on the high street quite handy. The views and walks around the lanes are very good and that sort of lifestyle is what I see mainly attracting people. It is quite similar down in New Broughton, it comes down to whether you want to leave the house in the car everytime or be able to walk to the pub/shops etc, in that case look elsewhere which is pretty obvious.



    Bryn Alyn is the main worry there😲

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