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    Ioan y Ffin

    Wrexham Glyndwr University is full steam ahead in its desire to be a part of the local community:
    a) flogging off fields in Gatewen to developers to raise cash in the face of local opposition
    b) fencing off sports fields in Wrexham in order to sell land to developers to raise cash despite local opposition
    c) ditching a promise for housing for key workers and instead just selling to whichever developer offers the most cash.
    d) …..

    We all understand that universities are primarily businesses. However, over the past decade money has been pouring into universities thanks to fees, even in Wales where they are lower in England. Is Glyndwr University’s business model fit for purpose when with all this income from fees and government grants, they still need to sell off so many assets to deliver their plans? After the goings on at Swansea University, we need some fresh air and light to be shone into the workings of Glyndwr University.

    Universities handle vast amounts of public money and public assets and yet there is zero accountability. The only way the public get even a tiny say is when the Vice Chancellor asks for planning permission. Universities go on about the ‘power of knowledge’ so how about some transparency so we the people of Wrexham too can have the ‘power of knowledge’ over what is happening in our town and at our local university.


    Animal Mother

    Surely it’s theirs to sell? It’s the local authority that grants planning permission so I would direct your ire at them.

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