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    Open request to Cllr Hugh Jones and his colleagues

    What has happened to the all singing all dancing CCTV and WiFi system that we were promised —
    The Council have let this slip and there is no mention despite large sums of funding being allocated..

    “The estimated cost of the proposal is £400k and it is proposed to fund the work from £74k of capital funding, a one off contribution of £158k from the Assets and Economic Development 2015/16 budget and the department is currently seeking £168k from Vibrant and Viable Places” March 2015

    Why should much needed funding be used on ill conceived projects that don’t work — how much of a reduction has the Council secured on the contract? How can £1000’s of public funding be used for proposed projects and then get ‘lost’ in the system?

    Every Councillor who does not ask questions needs to be ashamed of taking on the role- even if the projects are proposed by fellow Political Party members- – come on Andrew Atkinson find out from your fellow Conservative Cllr Hugh Jones and report to Town Centre Forum on Tuesday — or now that he is your boss will you not challenge him!!

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