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    Every time someone puts initials, I have to look them up to see what they mean. I know where Saxon 1 is coming from – I wouldn’t know the difference either if I hadn’t been on other forums.



    Chris I have to admit to not being extremely forum savvy or social media savvy. And no offence taken.
    To be honest I don’t even know how to put a smiley face on these threads (smiley face) and as for me doing BOTS well now that would be a first!



    Me too.



    I usually dislike personal attacks, but when they are directed at persons in political positions I think it is generally acceptable as long as it is within the bounds of decency. One only has to look at the exchanges between Cameron and Milliband on Prime Minister’s Questions, and you can’t get much more personal and insulting than that. If they put themselves on a pedestal they are open to be shot at !!


    Spot on John.



    Having posted on various forums its quite off-putting when keyboard warriors vent their wrath, some people are clearly frustrated in real life and are quite spiteful and mean spirited. Things can turn into mutually assured destruction over next to nothing on the worst of them. {Mumsn*t ! :eek:}

    Having looked at since it started have to say it is one of the friendliest on the go and people shouldn’t be afraid to start posting their thoughts.
    We are lucky to benefit from informed contributors and hopefully more will come on board.
    Its very rare for any threads to turn nasty which of course is a tribute to moderators but even more so the people of Wrexham.

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