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    Evening everyone – we have a few changes coming soon to, part of which will be a forum re-jig.

    The aim in terms of the forum to make it more accessible and readable, and hopefully get more people engaged. I am fiddling with some techie bits and will post more nearer the ‘switch’ time on those.

    One thing we are wanting everyone to get on board with is the below – which is a natural progression as things have grown and the fun and not so fun bits that come with it :)

    If everyone can have a read and try and understand where we are coming from that would be great – and keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks :D has created the following guidelines for using stuff todo with the site, this covers social media, the forums and general interactions. Its nothing too strict, which basically boils down to being nice and respectful:

    When you leave a comment on a post, forum or Facebook, you start or join a conversation. Being part of a conversation means adding to the discussion, bringing forth new information, engaging others in discussion or just being entertaining. Like guests at a party, just because you’ve accepted an invitation to comment, doesn’t mean there isn’t commenting etiquette that’s expected. Whether you’re a seasoned commenter, or commenting on stuff for the first time, we’ve got some guidelines for joining the online conversation and hopefully adding to the overall online community – which exists as we all love Wrexham.

    Don’t change the subject.
    Imagine you’re in your fave pub or coffee shop and talking passionately with a group of people about a new development in town. Then some joker walks in and says “How about Chester FC, aint they great?” Don’t be that joker — comments are open on a specific blog post to generate discussion about that topic. Wait for an open thread or better yet, if its a genuine topic you want to talk about – start it!

    Bring something new.
    Think you have an original thought? Maybe you do. Or maybe 10 other people have left the same insight in comments. Before you hit publish, take a moment to see where the discussion is, and whether you can add something new to it.

    Mind your manners.
    If you’re a cranky person who condescends to people in real life and as a result is tolerated by very few people, this site is not your new whipping boy :D Name-calling and repeated nastiness will be rewarded with being booted away. Not sure what would get you booted or blocked? If you have to ask that, then dont do it :)

    Comment clarity counts.
    Remember, people can’t see your face. The same sentence can read genuine or sarcastic – and easily be taken the wrong way. Take extra care to make your message clear and avoid making unintended online attacks. Similarly please be aware that you are responsible for your own comments posted online.

    Don’t hide behind your anonymity.
    It’s fine to have an online handle and opt not to use your real name (we feel quite strongly on this!). It’s not alright to out someone else, or be otherwise make accusations or character attacks against someone you name specifically when you are hiding behind the cloak of anonymity. If you can’t own it, don’t say it. There are genuine reasons to be anon, and its likely they will be self evidently fine..

    Respectfully disagree.
    We all don’t agree on everything, and sometimes people say some stupid things. You probably wouldn’t call them out face to face – so don’t do it online. You can state your piece and disagree with someone without insulting that person.

    Don’t bore people.
    Sarky offtopic comments usually do not help. If you don’t like something, ignore it. Every post or story doesn’t have to be for you.

    TLDR: Dont be an idiot and you will be fine :)

    ( Thanks to the guys at Baristanet who let us crib alot of this, they really hit the nail on the head!)

    We are quite excited about the new bits and pieces coming soon – and hopefully the above is not too onerous!

    Any feedback pop it over to"> , on this or the new bits you see showing up :)




    How about Chester FC……ain’t they great?


    Are we getting that naturism forum that I’ve been asking for?



    “Don’t change the subject.”

    Where I come from that’s called thread drift and perfectly natural.



    I agree – and tangents might be spun out to their own threads, with the general aim to try and keep things so its a nice arena for reasonable debate – lighthearted or otherwise ! :)

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Isn’t a tangent a straight line ?

    Can tangents be spun ?

    Do those questions deserve 1 or 2 threads of their own ?

    Am I boring you ?



    Bye Maureen😉


    Maureen Gray

    Goodbye cruel world!!!

    Forced out and censored by the fatish junter!!

    I am going to set up my own post underground, if they let me out of the home of course!


    Pretty much all of my comments have been deleted without any communication, PM or email.
    Pretty shabby in my book, you can have censorship or debate, which is it?



    @Sheefag 19570 wrote:

    Pretty much all of my comments have been deleted without any communication, PM or email.
    Pretty shabby in my book, you can have censorship or debate, which is it?

    Sheefag:- 228 posts in 12 months, if you were to add to this the deleted comments, you would have bored us even more.

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