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    I think people here are missing the point – WCBC are not “proposing” a 3 weekly bin cycle – they are using it as such a ridiculous and impractical alternative that people “agree” to pay £30 for their green bin, effectively an extra council tax sum.

    “The majority of respondents to the consultation were in favour of the £30 charge”



    Fact is those terry nappies arent that good for the environment either. All of that washing is very harmful to our oceans you know. As with everything these days nothing is simple. Rumour is that more harm is done to the planet by building solar panels then good will ever be done by using them. As regards football museums then if we have the chance to have one then lets go for it. Merge it with the town museum to help increase footfall and reduce costs and see if it is a success. We have as much chance to make it work here as they do in Cardiff or Swansea


    Aye, good call. Nappy museum is what Wrexham needs.

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