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    You obviously don’t attend the museum in the mornings it is overtaken by school children.

    The last international football exhibition in the museum was 2 years ago.

    Welsh international football began in Wrexham. One piece of history that Cardiff can’t take away from us. There again I suppose that we could always re-write the history books.

    Why bother to do anything to give Wrexham people a little bit of pride? It’s much easier to moan about the bin collections. We could always go back to middens & that would save a fortune. How ever did they manage before bin collections?


    Llayby lilly

    Well said Zinger.

    I too agree, Wrexham has a proud heritage and football has been at the heart of Wrexham and many Wrexham people for over a hundred years. Why can’t we have both…that is more football played by children and young people and a museum to celebrate our rich heritage.

    Matt your a real bore! You must have a very sad existence.



    Would love to see this incorporated into the redevelopment of the kop. Few more pennies needed for that I’d guess.



    Llayby Lilly – Care to explain how having a difference of opinion makes someone a bore? You know arguments fall down when you have to resort to Ad Hominem.

    I like Bryn would prefer to see the money put into something like the redevelopment of the Kop where I watched Wrexham play as a child – something I’d wish my kids could do too when they are a bit older. How sad and boring am I.


    Llayby lilly

    Matt you are constantly critical of others opinions (have a look at your many posts) and your running the risk of stifling debate and discussion rather than learning from it.

    Chin up olde bean and for once embrace a little love for the idea. it wont harm you I promise. x


    Rex Ham

    Only in Wrexham could a positive development like this be met with scepticism and ire.

    Bins is bins. Football museum is football museum.

    Different things, different budget, different funding!

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    Different things, different budget, different funding.

    Could it be the budgets are wrong?



    The budget is wrong. We should cut back on waste usage & use that money for something of value & education.
    Why is there so much waste? There is no need for it.
    Buying fresh from green grocers, butchers & bakers using baskets & string bags would help the local economy & cut down on packaging.
    Composting garden waste & using washable nappies are just a couple of other things that would help too. Many items that come in plastic are bad for you such as pop & squash.



    The candlestick maker will be suing as he was not represented as part of the 3 Men in a Tub business guild!

    As much as it sounds like a good idea to resurrect archaic fashions such as housewives spending all day boiling nappies and taking all afternoon going to individual shops – time has moved on.

    As much as you can’t force people to start travelling around on horseback I seriously doubt they’d adopt any of the other above practices either.

    The burden of packaging waste reduction should be pushed further onto food producers, goods manufacturers and supermarkets, fast food outlets, shops and online retailers.

    People buy things out of need and from what’s available – so they will buy a kettle for example – they didn’t also ask for a complex array of cardboard, polystyrene and various pieces of plastic placeholders, including the plug being covered with a plastic thing and a paper thing – as well as reams of glossy literature that’s just not needed (it’s a bloody kettle – you put water in it and press the boil button). Basically the packaging is dumped on the consumer who is then expected to dispose of it in an ever-increasingly hostile domestic waste regime – who are also heavily criticised for producing excess waste.

    Perhaps if companies could offer a green option to get items in a plain compostable cardboard box (or the minimum viable packaging available) – then people would have the option to do the right thing and reduce their household waste footprint.



    Furthering the logical madness of the proposed 3-weekly bin collections – the council will rapidly realise that this will be a disaster. It’s actually a harsh austerity measure disguised as ‘doing good for the environment’.

    The reality is that when you ask a household to fill a black bin up in 3 weeks – you are asking them to reduce general waste by 50% or find another method to dispose of that 50% of rubbish.

    On black bin day most people’s bins around here are comically overflowing with black bin-bags – there are hardly any that have the lid down properly.

    Failing rubbish reduction – we are capitalist consumers, we consume, we are told to do this and therefore produce a lot of waste – there are a number of ways to get rid of your excess rubbish:

    1) Fly tip – bad and illegal

    2) Buy a garden incinerator and burn it – bad for the environment and anti-social – domestic waste would kick up a stink

    3) Stick it in neighbour’s bins (or other public bins) – anti-social and probably illegal

    4) Take it to the public recycling centres – unmixed general waste they have a field day about when you try and dispose of it as they try and maintain recycling targets – I’ve seen frowny refuse workers scrutinise bags of rubbish to see what should have been sorted. If everyone went to dump excess general waste they’d have a nervous breakdown.

    5) Just let all the bags build up in the garden until environmental health are forced to come and sort it out with the fall out of rats and other pests stinking up the neighbourhood. Believe me some will take this option.

    6) Move to somewhere in England like Oswestry or Chester and actually get your bins emptied once every 2 weeks.

    As a responsible and environmentally friendly local government – are the council planning on reducing their own waste footprint by the proposed equivalent amount that they plan to put onto residents?

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