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    Whoever compiled the garbage on foot fall in the town centre should be put in the stocks on the village green and then sent back to school!

    So, is it:
    a) 1.3m footfall over 52 weeks equals 25000 average per week or
    b) 72723 weekly average over 52 weeks equals 3.78m total or
    c) 1.3m with a weekly average of 72723 equals 17.9 weeks in a year

    Whichever way the figures are conjured up it seems no wonder our elected members do not know what is going on

    Just a thought



    How do they actually measure the footfall? When I wander through town over the bridge to Eagles Meadow and back through High Street with a quick stop in the Butchers Market for some tasty meat and cheese how many times will I have been counted?



    Pointless metric entirely. I think we’ve ranted about these footfall figures the past several times they’ve been published. The fact that they deserve an Exec Board meeting is ridiculous – will no doubt be met with self congratulatory nonsense of some kind.

    The only meaningful way of taking the footfall in an objective manner would be having footfall vs sales conversions (and that would have to be on individual businesses).

    It’s no different to online – you can have millions of click throughs to your site but if only 0.1% of people buy anything or become a qualified lead then you have a failing business proposition.



    I agree the Footfall figures do not make any sense, the figures are made up for Councillors to give themselves a pat on the back.
    If there are so many people shopping in Wrexham why are so many shops closing?
    Also why spend money on improving streets in the Town centre, is it for the benefit of the drug users.


    This must be some sort of a joke. Over the past several months businesses in the town centre have suffered big losses due to the road works. If they think this will improve footfall and bring businesses back into town they are very mistaken and living in cloud cuckoo land. It didn’t need doing, but maybe tarmac like in High street and it would have been finished in weeks not months. The bird droppings and vomit already on the new pavement slabs speak for itself.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    So, if somebody works in town, and walks from a carpark or the bus station, is that allowed for in the footfall figures ?


    Reading about the road works in the town centre is like reading a fairy story book. First stage of Hope street, Queens street and High street finished? The town is a complete mess and nowhere near finished. Money wasted because
    none of this work will bring businesses or shoppers into town.
    Below is a snippet of the Wrexham news article.

    They’re just the first part of a number of works we’ve got planned for the town centre, with £420,000 in investment planned to improve paving and street furniture in the heart of the town.

    A lot of the first stage of works – which covers Queen Street, Hope Street and the High Street – has been finished.

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