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    Looks to me like some posters should join Facebook ‘North Wales Against KIngdom Security’
    There are approx 5,000 members now across North Wales. All of us extremely concerned about the use of this company by our Councils. Councils are expected to serve their communities, not abuse us.
    However the focus of anger should be with Councils who continue to utilise and place this company on contract.
    One of the posters wrote that it’s an extortion racket. Sounds about right to me.
    Kingdom have been granted permission to commit highway robbery.



    If anyone has been unfairly targeted by Kingdom then please join the North Wales against Kingdom Security group on Facebook. No one is condoning deliberate littering but Kingdom are getting out of hand now. They also should not be operating on private land, such as supermarket car parks and retail parks. They tried to find one lady on Island Green retail park because her toddler had accidentally dropped a sweet wrapper, which she hadn’t even noticed until they came running after her…does that really warrant a fine? Yet on one occasion, when it was pointed out to them that there was a group of lads across the road outside Lloyd’s who were smoking and throwing their stumps down on the floor, they said they couldn’t attempt to fine then for “safety reasons”



    Whoever the young mother is, hope she reads this
    Children under 10 cannot be issued with an FPN and according to the regulations, parent or guardian can be informed of the offence, but certainly does not state that the parent should be issued with the FPN instead.
    So young mum, get a complaint in to the council. Don’t appeal it, complain about it as it was illegaly issued
    It is a disgrace that the local Council are allowing this company to manage litter Enforcement.
    This role should remain with the Local Authority, employ local people who can work with a community to manage litter and develop some pride in the town, issue fines where they are deserved, but keep within the Govt guidelines of courtesy and assistance -ask to pick up, be helpful and ensure the streets are cleaned, not like Kingdom who leave it lying where it is, and are known to issue FPNs where none is deserved.



    Over 6000 members of the North Wales against Kingdom Security Facebook group now. Take note councillors Pritchard and Bithell.


    This reminds me of Mr Jerry O’Keefe statements on the topic of the review and prosecution procedures –
    the bottom of:

    ('er - email us on

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