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    Community vows to fight LDP proposals ‘all the way’

    We all know that nobody wants a local traveller site in their back yard. However, in this day and age it’s quite sad/funny to see that fierce opposition groups have to come up with “excuses” that circumvent discrimination. That are clearly not their genuine objections. After the whole mental health unit debacle, I imagine councillors are being even more careful about how they approach planning application objections.

    I actually heard that one of the reasons Clr Rogers stood down from the exec board was so that he could object to the specifics of this in the LDP and focus on fighting the traveller site. Something apparently that would be difficult for him to do with his former position on the Executive Board.

    These were the objections put forward:
    There are a range of issues affecting the site. Primarily that serious concerns are that been raised regarding highway safety on this section of road and that there is a strong probability that the land is contaminated and part of the proposed site includes a working sewerage pumping station raising concerns about air odour and safety.

    These along with the many other site constraints question whether the site is deliverable or economically viable to take forward

    So desperately trying to contain anger without tripping up and saying “We hate Gypsies”. It’s all so fake, that they have cited safety concerns, but not even gone on to say – we would be concerned about the welfare of families and children who live at the location. Come on now.

    This saga will go on and on where the site proposals will get flipped between wards probably for years under various fake objections. At some point someone will slip up and it will get placed.

    I’m not even criticising people’s rights to protest the placement of a site in any particular location – you can object to potentially anti-social neighbours anywhere – whether it’s a new night club or perhaps some tenants who have had ASBOs in the past and been moved on, or someone wants to put a sex offender HMO next door.

    However, because of Traveller’s protected status we have to go through this ridiculous charade every single time they either want a permanent settlement, or they rock up somewhere illegally and park up.

    The current rules and planning laws just don’t match up properly with a way that would benefit both travellers (who obviously want to live in the area and have rights to live here just like everyone else) and other fellow Wrexham residents.


    I have travellers near were I live, some are good but a lot of them are rubbish, they don’t care what there do.

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