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    Has anyone noticed the mess WCBC are making of this bridge it looks like 80’s stone cladding between two original stones. I cant see the National trust accepting this as its worse than the first effort.
    Whomever has signed the job off at the council really need sacking as they are clearly not fit for purpose.



    Agree it looks a mess – what I couldn’t understand is that the stonework that was there looked more than adequate and undamaged. The ‘wall/parapet’ is unlikely to be part of the structure of the bridge as they have built a new one under the old one to take the weight. It i only really a barrier wall — who has taken the old sandstone wall away??
    PS cleaver bit of engineering to build a new one under the old to avoid major closure works etc.



    Funny I was thinking of that as I crossed it earlier.
    One I thought it’s well behind schedule as only supposed to take 6 months. Then I noticed the cheap looking bricks and thought the whole reason for delays was because it was listed or protected etc. Which I didn’t agree with to start with, it’s a bridge most of which can’t be seen, should have repaired it as quick and cheap as possible. Especially looking at it now!!



    I cross it several time a day as I live close by, and I can understand people comments I suspect the bricks will eventually weather to a similar colour?

    My concern is the length of time its taking is ridiculous!!!

    Previously the traffic lights worked on the sensors, so while this made little difference during busy times as least when it was quiet through the evening and night the light would change as you drove up to them, now they have a fixed time of about 90 seconds regardless of the traffic demand.

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