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    Wrexham.com ‘gushes’ with the Council news about the exciting developments at Ty Pawb but says nothing about the 10 to 1 remarks on its Forum against the waste of our money on this unpopular ‘White elephant’ project. It is about time that some space was given to the uprising. Get off your butts and speak to people in the street and do some true, investigative reporting.
    it doesn’t matter what the source of the money is, it is pubic money and will require council taxpayers to meet the Ty Pawb upkeep. It is immoral to spend £4,500,000 in the town when there are people on trolleys in the hospital or waiting hours for an ambulance, sometimes dying during the wait.
    I blame the Councillors for this immoral and untimely project during times of public and private austerity and hardship. Seek the views of the people and report on this……


    Rex Ham

    Even you must know that council money doesn’t pay for NHS costs. Even if Ty Pawb didn’t exist, the dreadful waits in the NHS would still exist.



    The point however remains a valid one. This is an excellent forum, but I would 100% agree that the reporting on Wrexham.com is rather council bias. All well and good trying to put a positive spin on things, but they should at least mention the tide of public opinion, and report that the majority feel that Ty Pawb is, at best, ill timed, at worst, and a total waste of money.


    I would welcome links to show that others have asked as well, but I think Wrexham.com is the only one referencing social media comments, such as this last month: http://www.wrexham.com/news/proposed-ty-pawb-advisory-board-not-a-layer-of-red-tape-lead-councillor-xyzs-141383.html

    eg. from that “In the context of Difficult Decisions and multi million pound council cuts the ‘arts hub’ is often cited online in comments left on social media. We asked Cllr Jones if he was aware of that, and if he still stood by his comment that part-funding the development was the ‘cost of culture’. We also asked if he would politically support funding the centre after the three years if it was not possible to externalise it as appears to be the intent’.”

    There have been concerns raised by traders, and on here, about the other markets due the development – last week we ran http://www.wrexham.com/news/new-glass-entrance-installed-as-ty-pawb-development-enters-final-stages-143727.html

    “We also asked Wrexham Council how many stalls in Tŷ Pawb have been let so far and what contingency plans have been put into fill the vacant stalls in the Butchers Market if / when traders relocate to the new facility. We did not receive a response to those two questions.”

    Again I would be interested if such questions are posed, or answered, elsewhere.

    I am aware people can read a single report (and often then read comments) and decide ‘Wrexham.com is for/against’ something. Hopefully if you look through the archives of the various articles on this subject it will show a balance of reports and a decent documenting of the process rather than opinion: http://www.wrexham.com/?s=arts+hub&post_type=post and http://www.wrexham.com/?s=pawb&post_type=post

    Ironically I was pointed to this thread by someone who said were aware of views that our coverage was ‘negative’, so to me I am happy getting both bits of er, feedback! :)

    (Wrexham.com'er - email us on news@wrexham.com)


    Also – if you want to reference Councillor opinions on the arts in Wrexham, we wrote to every single candidate inviting them to answer “15. What are your thoughts on the current provision and support for the arts in Wrexham, and what would you do to support the arts?”

    You can hunt out answers on http://www.wrexham.com/election2017/ as they are all archived, assuming they replied :)

    (Wrexham.com'er - email us on news@wrexham.com)


    Nice try Wrexham.com i.e, “we have asked ‘this question and that question’ and the answers are ‘here and there’ mainly from incompetent councillors. You didn’t answer the ‘get off your butt’ question re. speaking to people in the street with the question – “DO YOU SUPPORT WREXHAM COUNCIL SUPPORTING THE SPENDING OF £4.5 MILLION ON AN ARTS CENTRE IN THE TOWN – THE FUTURE RUNNING COSTS OF WHICH WILL FALL UPON COUNCIL TAX PAYERS”.

    Ty Pawb must be boycotted by normal people to teach the Councillors a lesson that they will not repeat i.e, Act democratically in the interest of the majority. Councillors vanity projects will NOT be supported. We are WREXHAM not Altrincham.



    Nice try Wrexham.com i.e, “we have asked ‘this question and that question’ and the answers are ‘here and there’ mainly from incompetent councillors. You didn’t answer the ‘get off your butt’ question re. speaking to people in the street with the question – “DO YOU SUPPORT WREXHAM COUNCIL SUPPORTING THE SPENDING OF £4.5 MILLION ON AN ARTS CENTRE IN THE TOWN – THE FUTURE RUNNING COSTS OF WHICH WILL FALL UPON COUNCIL TAX PAYERS”.

    I’m not a fan of Tŷ Pawb or of our councillors, but I have no problem with Wrexham.com’s reporting about either. Wrexham.com reports and then with this forum gives us an opportunity to comment with our own opinions – anonymously if we want to – on anything. There is also the Twitter feed. Just because Wrexham.com doesn’t report about selected local news items in a tone that matches your own view of them does not make its reporting biased.

    And as for 10 to 1 remarks on the forum being against Tŷ Pawb – where do you get that from? I like this forum, I like that it’s here, and I’ve no doubt that there are many people who read the remarks on here. But actually there seems to me to be only a small number of people participating in forum discussions. This particular thread has just 5 contributors.


    Ok – happy to answer that as well – for the record on the day you posted that I had spend the afternoon talking to market traders and various others who are looking at going into the new development getting various background information on the process. Although I was sat down for most of that (!) it was getting out and talking to people at length over it.

    Incidentally it is great you are up to speed with the finances, perhaps aided by the only publication to publish (Leader, Post, ITV, BBC all had copies cc’ed as well but did not publish) the accidentally emailed business plan as we thought it was in the public interest http://www.wrexham.com/news/peoples-market-car-park-charges-to-double-in-arts-hub-plan-105111.html ? Thankfully Councillors also agreed and discussed it in public after a u-turn http://www.wrexham.com/news/u-turn-as-arts-hub-business-plan-released-in-public-interest-105523.html .

    If you have been following the process carefully you will be aware we were the ones to FOI examine the democratic process in detail eg. who decided what and when http://www.wrexham.com/news/wrexham-com-foi-peoples-market-full-closure-decision-taken-by-lead-councillors-125301.html Infact unlike other major developments such as Eagles Meadow or Henblas Street there is an archive documenting the development process for the future.

    Likewise it is worth saying we are aware we are seen as ‘too negative’ by some internally in the council and some people in Wrexham about the development, so it seems our down the middle coverage is doing its job – getting conversation on both sides by presenting the facts and not our own agendas or opinions – as lets face it no one really cares what I or other Wrexham.com’ers think personally, and that is not the point of the site.

    I genuinely wish Wrexham had more ‘fake news’ like our documenting of this particular development, it would be utterly brilliant for the area.

    Out of interest where were you when then the very long debates were going on prior to the development getting the green light, and even in May when the election vote that you reference in posts and your username actually took place? What did your candidates say on it when you asked them, did you make the answers public anywhere?

    (Wrexham.com'er - email us on news@wrexham.com)


    Another ducking of the question. You spoke with market traders and others (?) but again ducked the question regarding the views of the ‘normal people in the street’. Your time would have been more productively spent speaking to the people who will be feeding the White Elephant not hoping to profit from its spectacle.
    Where was I ? Too busy working, trying to make ends meet to pay the ever increasing Council Tax and general taxes to fund the “elephant” and its upkeep.

    I have learnt that it is a waste of time talking to Councillors who generally do exactly what their particular group want, irrespective of its popularity or common sense. On infrequent occasions, they do stand up for what is popular and right, e.g. not building more houses, only to be undemocratically beaten back and blackmailed by threats from the Council and in turn the Welsh government.

    Only direct Public action will see a change – Boycott Ty Pawb and teach them a lesson. The recriminations will be a spectacle to behold !


    Liz Jackson

    Votethecouncillorsout why have you never lived up to your name- what were you doing when the elections were on last year? You are mouthing off against the only real media we have in Wrexham- just because it does not always agree with your view is the norm for any media and people take their own view.

    You have only popped up on here since January – where were you before the elections last May? or have you changed your thread name? Not read any real alternatives to the things you are always knocking or us this your tactic — convince Wrexhamcom that they are no good– do you work for one of the new Wrexham websites and trying to get people to stop viewing Wrexham.com– It won’t work.
    I look forward to a real Post from you that gives a potential solution.
    And before you say it I have no connections with Wrexham.com management.

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