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    So, the Welsh Assembly are theoretically going to give £900k extra to Wrexham council (assuming they fairly spread out the £20m made available to local authorities across Wales) to be used as part of their budget.

    Extra cash for Wrexham – AM writes to Council Leader asking him to ‘reassess their proposals’

    Lesley Griffiths has written to Pritchard hoping that there will be a reduction in public cuts if extra funding comes in. Now, what are the chances that another hidden overspend turns up in the next budget scrutiny meeting, like their was with the £1m relating to child services recently. This overspend will then end up completely swallowing up any extra cash we receive from the assembly and cuts go ahead regardless.

    This may sound overly cynical, but I’ve been following the council’s performance over the past 7 years and I do not have high hopes for good news. The fact that any council tax hikes for the next 2 years (according to the consultation) won’t put a dent in the cuts is a big tell of how much of a financial black hole is developing in the county’s coffers.



    It puzzles me that Wrexham Council have cut services etc by £52 million from 2008 and have to cut a further £13 million in the next few years. I personally have not seen any changes to my humble surroundings over those years.


    Council Watcher

    Whichever way you view this statement it is not extra cash but less of a reduction that the Welsh Government had already indicated would be occurring.
    A reduction in a negative figure does not make ‘extra’ just potentially a reduction in the level of cuts that are still required.
    Lesley has not said that Carwyn has written to Teressa May asking for more funding to Wales



    No it will be £19 Million for Cardiff & the rest shared between the other councils.

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