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    Rather than doing the usual finger wagging about who has been claiming expenses for mileage – I have to say I am quite impressed that 44 of our councillors (the majority) don’t claim any expenses at all on that score.

    Considering that mileage expense claims are a recognised form of remuneration in many professions you’d think they’d all take advantage of it.

    You have to say fair play to that – considering all the flak that gets given out.


    The Speaking Truth

    Surely they knew when they stood for election that using their car would be essential?? The allowence they get should cover all expenses but it’s nice to see most don’t! Also how refreshing to read some councillor’s refusing pay rises and paying for ipads. Not sure I would pay for the iPad as if they are forced to have it but nice to see some care about how Wrexham tax payers money is spent. Bravo


    Ioan y Ffin

    A majority of councillors are of retirement age (and therefore receiving a pension) and are also earning a wage as councillors so they can probably afford to cover the cost of driving into Wrexham to meet at the Guildhall if they live on the doorstep. For those in the Maelor or the Ceiriog Valley, it would be a different question. Most employees, including council workers, are not able to claim travel expenses to their place of work. so really we should only expect councillors to claim when they have to travel to other locations, which seems to be the case. In short, they aren’t doing anything special, just what the rest of us have to do.



    What is does highlight is that Council Members are not going out and about to meet people other than their Ward electorate for the majority. Chairs of committees are not making visits for Scrutiny; Councillors are not going out of county despite another Wrexham.com report stating more and more services are being planned and delivered across regions.

    How can our elected Members who have responsibilities know what is going on if they don’t visit the other areas that are part of partnership delivery?

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    It does read well but you have to ask about high mileages like Cllr Trevor Bates, 2195 miles (£987.75) That is a nice bit of beer money each month.

    But if you think they now have to pay to park then I bet more will be claiming more miles to offset the £144 a year.

    Am I right that people working in other Council buildings like the industrial estate depot and Ruthin road have to pay when they come into the town for a meeting or can they claim it back?

    Do you know Matt or Derek?

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    The process for employees is that the majority will have a defined ‘place of work’ and can therfore claim for any travel to other destinations. If someone travels from home to another location they should deduct the normal travle to work distance and only claim the remainder.

    It is very strange that Councillors from the outer reaches of the County are not submitting a claim as their travel could be significant.

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