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    Council Watcher

    The Twitter feed on Wrexham.com shows openly that the ruling Executive members are not a joined-up group. In this instance, Cllr Terry Evans may have an excuse for not being present at the decision making meetings about PSBO but surely he should like all Councillors read papers before meetings so that they can have an input.

    It also shows that the Executive Lead Members are not sharing information between each other on crucial policy issues – yet again highlighting that our Executive is made up of 10 individuals who don’t have a communications plan which results inviting for things at meetings that they have no idea about.

    Even if the Councillors don’t read their papers they could easily log on and read the summaries that appear on Wrexham.com.



    Council Watcher,
    Your post heading sums them up. Lack of knowledge. I sometimes think that is how they get their jobs. Looking at the Exec Board streaming, they all seem to reply from a script prepared by a full time officer. On top of which a full time officer has to sit with them to hold their hand.


    Council Watcher

    Having now just read the full thread of Tweets and responses from Wrexham.Com you have to ask what level of credibility does Cllr Terry Evans now actually have to hold a position on the Executive — he should acknowledge that he is not up to date with issues or up to the role and take the gentlemanly view and resign.



    In all honesty, it doesn’t actually surprise me that a Wrexham councillor has no knowledge of the PSPOs in Wrexham, as I don’t rate our councillors as being anything even approaching competent. But we get what we vote for, or at most, the best of a bad bunch. I wonder whether, if our candidates for councillor had to go through a normal application process with interview, etc, rather than through polling, would they possess appropriate qualifications and/or experience deemed necessary for the job.
    However, if he was NOT a councillor and instead a member of the public, I would fully understand his failure to realise there are any PSPOs in Wrexham. It’s very easy not to notice.

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