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    The Council revised its constitutional arrangements at its Annual meeting on 25th May 2005, to permit the Leader to appoint Members of the Executive Board to lead roles.
    The Leader allocates lead responsibilities and portfolios.
    This could lead to an Executive Board being made up of like minded close associates of the Leader.
    On viewing the web casts of the Executive Board meetings, it comes across, there are three or four lead members that are only capable of replying to questions, by reading from a prepared statement written by a full time officer.
    The Leader could become a dictator.
    We elect councillors to represent our wards and also to look after the towns interests as a whole.
    Is there a better more democratic process in appointing an Executive Board?



    An Executive Board is not needed, the chief executive and chief officers are paid to run the operation, and report to the Council (and to committees) each month on whether they are doing a proper / effective job or not.

    This is how it previously happened. This new system costs a fortune, and creates debate instead of action.

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