Executive Board backed plans to implement WCBC Action Plan 2018-20

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    Maureen Gray

    Ohh my gord!!

    ‘Wrexham County Borough Destination Management Action Plan 2018-20’

    What a waste of money that no-one wants, why not spend it on me, me, me!


    It does not appear to be all council cash… but room for spending on specific projects perhaps.

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    Council Watcher

    Interesting that the officer who has dared to write a section in the Strategy that criticises the Council Executive Board about not having allocated funds available as a match for large funding bid. It is clearly a factual statement but it has actually gone against the Executive Board who actually cut the budget to zero.
    It is quite surprising that the Council, on one hand, talk about the economic benefits of tourism in the area yet don’t have the budget to attract tourist — “Oh silly me I forgot Ty Pawb is now mopping up any funding that will be designated for Arts, Tourism and any other slush pots that the Council can generate.”

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