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    Council Watcher

    It looks like Trevor Coxon the ex Legal Officer in the Council must have been frustrated with some of the designs taken in recent years with comments recently against Ian Lucas and the listing of The Groves. This is possibly just one item that he would like to express his personal view on — I’m sure he would have an interesting take on things like Travellers, Closure of Plas Madoc Leisure Centre, Education and other such areas that have been controversial.

    Perhaps there may be more revelations in the next few weeks..


    The Monitor

    Coxon should back off and shut up about Wrexham. He has GONE. He caused enough problems whilst he was here, and also speaks rubbish about the Listed Building the former Groves School. I have in my possession a wealth of material about the building, the people behind the design and founding of the building, dating as far back as 1906 and before. I have historical information about letters and communications from such people as Lady Churchill and others. I also know the quality of the building, and the architectural merit of the building.

    Does he think that CADW don’t do extensive research into the subject of any proposed listing, before listing is granted. Does he not realise that once CADW have reached a conclusion regarding a propose listing, then their work is subject to examination and verification by English Heritage.

    He states that the building has ‘no architectural merit’. I would suggest that as far as architectural merit is concerned he is totally ignorant. He should stick to his own field, and back off. We in Wrexham don’t need his sort nor their interference.


    KelseyJohnson, it won’t offer much protection from my GOLD PLATED ZEPPELIN when I fly over your house and drop shit from a great height.

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