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    Slight correction E1.7 BILLION!!!
    The points being made about this issue are really valid and shows very clearly that EU members are not autonomous countries but one entity with redistribution of wealth– the principle of this sounds admirable but the mechanics clearly are not as I am sure the UK if it is able to retain this money could invest directly in Britain which in turn could eventfully then be in a position to potentially give a larger amount in a few years time- not necessarily in cash but in business expertise.



    We’re both wrong Dylan. Its £1.7 Billion or €2.0 Billion. You were closer though.



    I always found the range in Evans to be very “old”. I may be getting on in years, but I’m not old enough for there, or Bon Marche lol. Now if Primark or Asda Living were to close I’d be gutted

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