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    I welcome the news that Welsh government has allotted 2.3 million pounds to alleviate period poverty in schools and colleges across Wales. Our girls should not have to miss school or suffer the indignity of using unsuitable products that constantly let them down.

    Wrexham Council has already received a share of £440,000 allotted last year to tackle period poverty. Their plan was to put shelving into toilets where products would be made available. As I understand it, there has not yet been an indication of progress or indeed effectiveness of this project.

    Now, my worry is that although the Welsh government has made this current allocation available to local authorities IMMEDIATELY, our council will drag its collective feet over making it available to the girls and young women who need it.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Coming up with the cash was probably fairly easy once the policy battle was won. However, working out the best way to ensure tampons etc get to the girls and young women when they need them is probably best left to the headteachers in each school rather than a one size fits all policy organized from above. it is easy to sit in an office in Cardiff Bay and take the credit, but someone else has to implement an effective system that works. it is bound to take time.

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