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    Council reject Flintshire merger – prefer ‘enlarged Wrexham’ taking areas of Powys & Denbighshire

    If I lived in these areas of Powys or Denbighshire, I would be very concerned about being included in Wrexham. I realise Wrexham is a county, but I’m inclined to think that the name Wrexham evokes images of specifically the town, the bus station, “zombies”, etc. I would not want to become part of Wrexham. Wrexham fees like a toxic “brand” to me.

    *runs and ducks for cover, as for reasons I am unable to comprehend, many people think Wrexham town is great.


    Council Watcher

    Why would residents f South Denbighshire that has a public satisfaction rating about 50% higher than Wrexham residents want to even consider coming to into Wrexhamshire?
    There are far more negative issues in Wrexham than just the media-driven profile of zombie town,, poor education, Social Care cracking at the seems, potholes you can swim in, an Art Hub that will drain money like a sewer to name but a few.

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