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    “In April 2016, the number of void properties in Wrexham reached 384, with the average time taken to bring voids back into productive failing to meet any of the target times set for each type of void, adding to the loss of rental income”.

    This is utterly disgraceful. They are building houses of every green field around when there are nearly 400 empty properties already there.



    In the region of £34,000 per week in rent being lost , just over £400,000 in a year.



    Who are ‘THEY’that you refer to zinger? Are you saying WCBC or private developers?
    For your information, not everyone aspires to live in social housing, some people wish to purchase their own properties. Are they to be deprived of that right?

    Another chance taken to start a thread based on incomplete understanding of the subject matter.



    Lots of young couples have no chance of getting on the private housing ladder unless they put off having a family until they are older. Don’t be so snobby Benjamin. I am pleased for you that you are one of the luckier ones.

    Planning consent is freely given by WCBC & developers are happy to build anywhere that doesn’t require clearing first.

    WCBC are at fault losing so much revenue. Every vacant house does not need new kitchens & bathrooms. An elderly friend of mine paid WCBC rent for nearly 70 years with the same bathroom that was put in when the house was built. Why should new tenants have new equipment when people who have paid for years don’t?

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