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    As stated on another thread the clear winner in the election for the area was Mr and Mrs Apathy in Wrexham and Clwyd South with nearly 60% of the potential number of voters not even bothering to vote.
    The figures also show that both Lesley Griffiths and Ken Skates only got 14.5% of the potential number of votes in their areas.
    Some areas in Wales the top candidates have git in with only 11% of the potential number of voters in their area.
    These figures show how fragile any seat is in Wales with the highest only being 22%.



    This is a very sad state of affairs, however I am one of the guilty that did not vote this year – for the first time in my life! I have now come to the conclusion that the only way to change things is to starve the people ‘in power’ of legitimacy by not voting – if it gets down to below 20% voter turn out across Wales for the Welsh ASSembly then surely they cannot continue as a viable institution!



    You could have voted for the ‘Get out of the Welsh Assembly’ party (or something similar to that). I would like to know how many votes they received.



    I did consider that Zinger, however you know that the media and politicians will spin it as X% turnout….Labour are the largest party….back to business as usual…move along nothing to see here!

    It might be because I’m old an cynical, but this is what I feel the major parties offer on all the main issues:

    I admit that there are slight differences with who polies are targeted against, but in my opinion, you know you’re going to get f@cked, it’s to what degree it hurts!



    To hope that non engagement will result in a collapse of an institution such as the National Assembly unfortunately is so far removed from reality. Those in ‘power’ within any institution regardless of level of support have a stranglehold and self preservation kicks in to fight for their power and financial base.
    Unless you have a civil uprising and march on the Senedd no change would occur- you then have a vacuum until someone comes forward to create a Political Leadership (dictatorship) or dare I say another Political Party. Haven’t we been there before as we are back to square one…
    Come on everyone motivate yourself and use the ballot box for change– use it for the EU Referendum and in 12 months time for the Local Council Election.
    Create change through the ballot box and not expect to achieve any change by just sitting on the sidelines.


    Good points from Fwarp & some from Carol T too, BUT, personally I think its time to cut costs and go back to one government for England & Wales, or even England & North Wales!

    Controversial yes, but what have the Seneads ever done for us? Irrigation, the roads flackoff!!, no Seriously, the money spent on WAG & at Westminster is unbelievable – 9 million quid on leaflets?? There are tiers upon tiers upon tiers of ministers, civil servants, committees, advisors, officers, hangers-on etc etc. These all cost money and are duplicating jobs [or pretending to] throughout the country. MP’s AM’s regional ministers, local reps and then of course the local council etc. etc.

    Vote or not, it makes no difference, politicians & CEO’s magnanimously pass up on their % pay rise and bonuses cause they are on mega bucks and are multi-millionaires to start with – I’m aright Jack! The big manufacturing jobs have gone, money is electronic and only debt and hardship is reality!

    So vote or not! scrap it all [costs millions] put it all on line if they must, but be honest and please stop this campaigning for change – beggars on the street have that one all sown up mate! :)



    Hi Carol, I previous thought as you, that change can be made at the ballot box – but history has taught me a lesson in Welsh politics – that until the generation die out who vote out of habit instead of reasoned thought, nothing will change. Again and again Labour continue to gain ‘power’ irrespective of how they perform at a national, regional, or local level. They treat the North of Wales with upper contempt, and we still return them to office!

    I once believed I could support the Conservatives, but they have not delivered at a national level and have put ideology instead of the good of the nation. People like George Osbourne, who are more interested in laying political traps for opponents at the expense of long term financial stability, forced me to this state of apathy.

    Whilst you believe that apathy is foolhardy, I believe that it is a pathway to change in itself, and by not engaging in ‘their’ games of deception starves them of the legitimacy they require to ‘rule’ – by doing so creates a vacuum that WILL, one day, be filled by someone worthy of my vote.

    I speak here only of my apathy for the Welsh Assembly, at a local level votes count, at the EU referendum every vote counts, at a national level please see above :) (until the ‘vote labour till I die generation’…dies).

    Before I get abuse from Labour voters, I am not totally against the idea of voting Labour (nationally) – they just haven’t given me any reason to do so. The Blair years of ‘Tory lite’ confused people enough to vote for them in 3 elections, but what did you get? Neither traditional Tory nor Labour policies, everyone lost :) I would also argue that those years were equally divisive in the shaping of our nation as Labour voters state of the Thatcher years – instead of having a class war, we had an ideology war, where anyone with differing opinions than the Labour defined mainstream are classed as racist, sexist etc. and this was used to stifle free speech and debate to the detriment of all.

    Anyway, the sidelines are the place to be…you see how ridiculous it all is :)



    Life is simple.
    Don’t vote and the conclusion – correct or not – is that you are happy with things as they stand.
    Obviously, if you were not, you would vote for one of the other options, or put forward an option of your own.



    Hi Transportuser, I have been down that road of voting for the opposition, employing tactical voting, and protest voting. Those parties do not see my vote as being against the status quo, but an endorsement of their policies. As for putting my own opinion forward, there is little point as I am the first to admit that my views are in the minority within Wales and would have no chance of getting traction for any political movement.

    I see it time and again in Wales where people look to the state for answers for everything, when there is a problem it is the Governments fault, and when a solution is needed it must be the Government who fix the issue. In my opinion, the Government ARE the problem and the solution is to have much less of it – but in doing so the individual must provide more for themselves and accept responsibility. I’m not talking about things like healthcare, but as an example, aspects of education. For example, there was an old thread on this forum about the cutting of a road safety team (or something) by WCBC that educate youngsters on how to be safe on roads, one member said that it was shameful, and the council will be responsible if something happens to a child on the road – NO, parents are responsible, it is the parents PRIMARY responsibility to ensure the safety and well being of their child, not the states.

    As I said, my view is not popular, as it forces people to take stock of themselves and take responsibility for things that may not go well in their life. So, unfortunately, I’m as unelectable as Jeremy Corbin :)

    I think I am just becoming content with growing older and more grumpy! :)



    We now have Neil Hamilton as the Leader of UKIP in the Assembly and no one voted for him directly!

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