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    The Monitor

    Time for change:
    a) No more Executive bully boards.

    b) A complete change from the old leadership.

    c) A reduction in the top heavy payments made to various
    council members and a more equal distribution of payments.

    c) A new regime where the People Who Matter ie. The Electorate,
    are represented equally, by having all council matters voted
    for or against by ALL councillors. No more select groups.

    This may mean more work for all individual councillors, but surely
    that is what they are there for.

    Let us the Electorate take time to ENSURE that our councillors have
    a vote, and use it on OUR behalf.


    Mike Davies

    Mike would be good if you can get your new colleagues to engage with the overall electorate either through Wrexham.com Forums or other means. The public deserve to be kept in the loop.

    I don’t know how much influence I will have on my “new colleagues” as you call them. I would of course encourage councillors to to engage as much as possible. After all they are elected by the public who deserve to be represented and informed.

    I made a point of visiting as many people as possible during my campaign. I wanted to tell people what I hoped to achieve, but I also wanted to know what people would like me to do. My ward has 1500 houses so obviously I couldn’t speak to everyone, but I was out every evening and weekend for about 6 weeks.

    I certainly will keep in touch via various media. I do enjoy using Wxm.com but it isn’t always the best platform for all occasions. The nature of internet forums lends itself too easily to anyone who wants to cause trouble and remain anonymous. Also sometimes if I am discussing a particular issue with somebody, I would like to know who I am talking to.

    I am available via phone, email, Facebook etc plus of course face to face meetings. I would like to think every other councillor would do likewise.


    Mike Davies

    My obsession has been noted?? Am I one of those you mention? Nope but yes I am unashamedly bias towards Dana. Have posted that numerous times. Am I a Labour supporter? Nope apart from in this local election. In the General I will probably vote Labour because I don’t want to see a Conservative win, but could vote Lib Dem depends who they put up.

    It is good to see that you are not aligning with anybody as in joining a group or a party. My apologies for making an assumption, and as you quite rightly say the electorate made a choice…they voted for you an Independent. So good luck.

    Please do not misquote me.
    I did not say I will never align with any group. The way the council is run, on occasions it is virtually impossible to achieve anything by being Billy-No-Mates.
    What I did say is that I will vote with people who I agree with on certain issues, whatever party they may be. However I will never be in a group where I do not have freedom to vote with my own conscience.
    My hope is that eventually all Independents can just be in one non-aligned group with the freedom to vote as they wish. Note: I said group not party.



    Mike before long you along with the other Independents will no doubt realize if the old system is retained it is not possible to be part of the Scrutiny Committee structure unless you are part of a Group– the dividing up of places is proportionate to the numbers in each Group — an individual does not have the right to be on a committee unless they are in a Group.

    To be an effective Councillor an Independent cant remain independent or their voice will never be heard.

    The only way for this to change will be a change of the Council constitution.

    If you do decide to join one of the Independent Groups being formed ask the ‘Leader’ how they are going to keep the electorate informed. On past record neither Cllr Pritchard or Cllr Bithell have ever been ones for keeping the electorate informed


    Mike Davies

    Samsung. Thanks for your input and interest. I am aware of the system in place at Wrexham council and find it very frustrating. Years ago councils were dominated by the major parties and it probably suited them to run it like that. Recently, more independent councillors are getting elected and the old system is not really suitable.

    As it stands, councillors have to be in a group of 4 or more people to really be effective. I think in an ideal world there should be groups based on recognised political parties and any independent or non affiliated councillors could sit in a separate single group. With the recognition that independents would keep their option of a free vote on issues.

    As it is, for some reason the independents have formed 2 groups, that leaves anyone who doesn’t want to join either group to sit outside or form yet another group if they can find anyone to work with.

    I stood as an independent councillor for the reason that I didn’t want to be affiliated to a political party. I explained that to my ward and received their support. Now I am in the position where i have to think about joining one of the other 2 groups, stand on my own, or create another group if I can find some likeminded people.

    I almost becomes like the old Monty Python film. The Judeea people’s front, or the front of free Judea or the Jude’s crew front etc. etc.

    Before people blame independents for this position, it is the fault of the political parties for creating this situation. I just want to get on with the job of representing my community.

    The communities at large are not aware of what is going on.



    As there are only two Liberals how do they form a group of at least four, without compromise? Or as they are a party are they exempt and given responsibilities anyway ?



    No exemption they will have to buddy up with others to be effective and part of committee structure



    Let us the Electorate take time to ENSURE that our councillors have
    a vote, and use it on OUR behalf.

    I think closing door, horse, bolted and stable are words that spring to mind.

    This opportunity was on the table, last Thursday. What did the electorate do in general?

    i) voted in the status quo
    ii) didn’t bother to vote



    We can only hope that those elected see the folly in carrying on with the same leadership as before and come up with a different combination- there’s still time to have change before their formal meeting next week



    Standing Orders are the “rules” of the Council and even these can be altered. New members shouldn’t be unduly pressured or rushed into making decisions re groupings.

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