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    Has anyone read the ‘personal’ letter from David Cameron for the forthcoming election- if the standard of education the Conservatives are proposing is based on the English grammer in the letter then pity help us.
    ‘David’ needs to learn you don’t start sentences with:

    Welsh schools outperformed by English schools is a disgraceful statement as it implies all schools in Wales are poorly performing and our students are failing- this is factually incorrect and there are lots of examples of excellent teaching in one or two Wrexham School.
    Looks like we are going backwards with a failing technology in the banks that now requires payment by cheque!!
    David Cameron needs a lesson in devolved politics as Jeremy Corbyn is not the Welsh Labour Leader – this firmly is Carwyn Jones. Jeremy Corbyn has no direct control over Welsh Labour.

    Is Andrew Atkinson or anyone from the Conservative Party prepared to respond?



    Well no change in Wrexham and apathy did top the poll with 60% not turning out to vote, but what a strange world we now live in that an ex Conservative MP for Tatton in Cheshire is now an elected member for UKIP in the Assembly!



    Well the last election result for the PCC was declared yesterday and today a 16 page , glossy A4 coloured booklet drops through the letterbox from HM Government, reminding voters about the EU referendum on 23rd June 2016. No mention of where it was printed or who published it, I thought all election material had to carry such information.

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