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    Rex Ham

    Fair enough Mr Bow, we can all make free choices thankfully! I don’t understand the logic, but your choice. However, the one thing Wrexham isn’t short of is supermarkets and last time I looked there was a Tesco extra pretty close to EM. But once everyone has turned their back on Wrexham we can all go to Broughton, or Chester or god forbid, Prestatyn to save the parking charge!

    But at least I know where to go when I want to buy my Clogau Gold!!!



    Jimbow: “Rex Ham, I often drive to Broughton. Firstly easy parking without a cost, secondly easy access to all the shops including a super market, thirdly all shopping can be done in one go, fourthly clean tidy and free of undesirables. The extra cost if any in fuel costs to me is well worth it.”

    Sounds pretty logical to me.



    toilets havn’t had any hot water for the last 2 months and most taps broken for 2 years, reported to Kevin but hasn’t even bothered to reply.
    maybe he can see EM closing down and he’s looking for a new job.



    It’s funny because Eagle’s Meadow is so derided vs Town’s other addition – Island Green. You don’t really see anyone slagging off Island Green and it’s probably because they set it up like a strip mall with a car park more central to town so that people could park up and start shopping there and then easily move onto other parts of town – like the high street.

    I am unsure what designers were thinking when they came up with Eagle’s Meadow as the likes of Island Green, Broughton, Bromborough all follow a very successful shopping style model imported from the US – cars + lots of shops all in a row.

    Eagle’s Meadow would be okay if they actually had a decent offering of shops still – but I totally agree about the wind tunnel – it’s awful in cold weather. Since they took Starbucks out I can’t even be bothered to go down to Eagle’s Meadow anymore as least before when you got bored very quickly of the shops down there you’d have somewhere generic but reliable to get a drink. Department store Cafes frustrate the hell out of me and Costa is like pouring raw sewage down your throat.



    Spot on Matt, as I have said it could have and should have been so much better, although I (and her to be obeyed) still have the view of free parking being a big draw.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    Was Eagles Meadow ever built with a long term future as a retail space or were the developers long sighted and planned for a retail down turn by ensure that the rentals and income from the apartments would still generate profits.

    People also need to remember that the initial developer (the complex has been sold at least once) had the land for a very low price compared with full market value at the time when they bought it from the Council on a lease believe was for something like 999 years. Although it is hindsight the Council would have been better off leasing the land with 5 year rental reviews – at least the income source could have been going into the budget to help deliver current services.



    Derek, I thought it was the case that the apartments were sold off and are now privately owned by individuals either to live in or buy to let? Or is it the case that the complex owners have retained a number of them for rental only?



    My understanding was that all appartment owners are paying annual service charges and some of them were retained by the original developer through a secondary rental company. They also were sold under leashold agreements



    Okay that makes a lot of sense. Thanks.




    Wake me up when there’s something better to moan about I’ve heard this one for about 10 years.

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