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    Very sad to see the DW Sports shop close today. All the fixtures and fittings taken away and the shutter pulled down.
    They always struck me as being expensive. The shop never seemed busy either. Having Sports Direct just down the road didn’t help matters I’m sure.



    Told that staff only knew on Monday as well :(



    It is going to be interesting. I personally don’t think the town can support 3 national chain gyms. Especially in today’s financial climate.
    Fitness First pulled out of the town under similar circumstances which led to Total Fitness closing down their venue. For the very same reasons. Both company’s thought they could hoodwink the paying customer with sub-standard equipment & service.
    Total Fitness especially incurred the wrath of loyal customers, despite petitions to their head office over issues from their members. Broken equipment, half the dumbells muissing, hydro0-therapy pool luke-warm, saunas broken etc etc etc Total Fitness then had the cheek to abolish off-peak memberships…..
    So, TF is offering memberships for £39.99 per month. No off-peak membership like DW.
    Do they really think Simply Gym members are going to join TF for twice as much money per month because of a nice pool area etc etc?
    Will I be tempted to swop my £336 per-annum off-peak membership (inc 2 free mths at DW) for a £480 TF membership??
    It will be interesting. But, I don’t think 3 gyms can survive in Wrexham. The closure of DW’s shop is not-related I reckon to the gyms I reckon. Probably the fact that the public would rather pay £48 for a 5kg tub of protein on the Net, rather than £50 for a 2kg tub…..and….who wants to pay £70 odd quid for a Welsh rugby top or £12 for a gym top which costs a fiver down the road at Sports Direct?



    A new business, as yet unknown to DW staff, is taking over the vacant floor space. Workmen are preparing the venue.


    The pool area is a big plus for Total Fitness, especially if you like swimming like myself. I work Mon-Fri, and for people like me, the swimming availability in the area is awful and has been since TF closed. I was going to join DW, but their pool is only 18m and is not really designed for lane swimming, with the steps in the middle. So that leaves me with Waterworld, at a fiver a swim, which has limited public swimming time in evening, and Gwyn Evans, which has 2 x 1 hour windows for public swimming in the week during the evenings, both of which are usually rammed busy. So even at £39.99, which admittedly would be expensive just for gym use, if you also swim a lot it’s not too bad, as at least I can swim whenever suits me, rather than paying a fiver to swim in a crammed pool with only a 1 hour window.



    I agree. DW can not compete with TF’s pools etc.
    They claim to be investing £1m. That won’t go far. I was a member there for nearly 10-years.
    The company announced about 5-years before it closed a ‘refurb’ a ‘new club’, £300k to be spent. Members looked forward to new cardio equipment, fixed-resistance machinery etc. We had a new carpet. A splash of paint here ‘n there…and a new Cafe…
    I cn’t see a £1m investment going far? There’s a hell of a lot needs doing there. The pools alone will cost a fortune to sort out.
    They had the Steam Room, Sauna & Sanarium. Company policy to have only 2 out of 3 working at any one time due to costs. The Hydrop-herapy Pool….at the end it would’ve finished off the older clientele ‘cos it was so cold.
    It will be interesting. No Off-Peak memberships. £39.99 per month (no free months).

    I just don’t have any confidence in the brand name. They’ve pulled out of Dublin, numerous venues in the UK. £1m ? That won’t go far.



    Total Fitness claimed their closure of their Wrexham venue was down to rent issues with the landowner. The club started going down at least 5-years before it closed.

    A national gym company…with no dumbells in the free-weights area for 6 months. A company which wouldn’t turn the air-con on despite the glass roof in summer. Something missing off every piece of equipment. The same rubbish on the floors from day-to-day. Etc etc It was a shambles – and they didn’t give a damn.

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