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    Island Green is becoming a nightmare for the number of druggies begging in the area, leaving their rubbish for others to clean up, and thieving (seen this) from the pound shop or Heron.

    Today I passed one guy who was surrounded by opened and unopened food and drink. BEGGING. I hear the counsel wants to do something about the begging problem. Why bother to arrest them and charge them at the tax-payers expense.
    Would education or Community Service help.
    With all the empty buildings in Wrecsam, surely the council could find somewhere to shelter them.
    I dispair


    Shelter them? They need culling.


    Council Watcher

    Accommodation is not the issue there is plenty of provision from the Council and other agencies- education is crucial and supports to move them from their current lifestyle. The public has really got to stop feeding their drug habits by giving food and money that then goes on drugs.
    A number of those on the street will not go into available accommodation as they want to take drugs and drink during the night. Remember some of those begging are actually making enough money to sleep in local hotels.
    The lifestyle of the beggers is being perpetuated by the public and this is letting some of the agencies off from dealing with the issues by providing long-term support.


    They contribute nothing to society. No initiatives have worked. For the good of the many, lock them up.


    Council Watcher

    Clearly, you are looking for a policy of out of sight out of mind[ lock them away would only remove one cohort – the drug dealers would only find more vulnerable people to prey on. Removing one set of people does not solve the problem of people not content with their lives and dealers who will sell any substance so long as they make a profit/



    Maybe moving all of the substance abuse services/charities out of Wrexham would solve or at least reduce the problem. When I say move I don’t care whether they go elsewhere or just shut down. The concentration of these services in Wrexham town is a magnet to those with substance abuse issues. They provide temporary night time accommodation but then turf people out onto the streets during the day. They prop up (“enable”) the substance abuse issues.

    As long as we have, in Wrexham, such organisations that provide a night time sticking plaster to a 24/7 problem, I don’t believe that Wrexham will ever overcome this issue. If we magically fixed the problems of all of the current ‘druggies’ in Wrexham, they will quickly be replaced by new druggies, because this is where the services are located.

    I don’t believe Wrexham will ever make any significant inroads into this issue. I think we’re stuck with it.

    But at least we have a lovely new arts centre, eh.



    Clearly, you are looking for a policy of out of sight out of mind. lock them away would only remove one cohort – the drug dealers would only find more vulnerable people to prey on. Removing one set of people does not solve the problem of people not content with their lives and dealers who will sell any substance so long as they make a profit/

    Go after the drug dealers and lock them up also, three strikes = 25 years.

    Recommission the North Wales Hospital in Denbigh, lock the drug users in there.

    Release them if they pass two years worth of drug test. Earn their keep by picking up litter and repairing roads.

    Your solution of appeasement, midnight vigils, lighting tealights and singing Kumbaya with your sandal wearing, Muesli knitting mates, clearly isn’t working.

    Or surrender the Town to them.



    There have always been people who for one reason or another don’t want to conform with everyday society. We used to call them tramps or roadsters. A few came from wealthy families & were university educated. Most would ask if they could do a small job in exchange for a cup of water or a slice of bread.
    Druggies are a different species & not one penny of my money would go to feed their habit. 100 people giving a £1 coin equals £100.


    Council Watcher

    Clearly, on some points, some people have not grasped the situation.
    Why Island Green – the reason! the people parking and shopping there are generous. Basic economics they will go to a place where the people are most generous. This is nothing to do with agencies in town this is to do with the public- stop being generous and you stop the begging.

    Agencies- I agree there are probably a lot of agencies and lots of their services are not joined to – the Ty Nos one in particular where they can go for 12 hours then out on the street is a typical lack of holistic approach.

    People come to Wrexham for services – this is a total myth and figures from the agencies prove this. Whether we like it or not the vast majority are ‘homegrown Wrexhamites’. Many have families still in the area who have disowned them so there is nowhere to send them back to where they came from. Any family in Wrexham could lose a family member to drugs/alcoholism – it is not just about people in Caia- it could be Acton, Gresford, Marford, Rhos. Substance abuse can take hold of anyone at any time – where they live is not relevant- anyone reading this thread is likely to know first-hand someone they were in school with, work colleague or family member who has become entwined with this very murky part of society.

    Solutions have to be found that are meaningful and long lasting – at present there only seems to be a success rate of about 1 in 10 that sign up to detox actually remaining clean.

    Biggest fear- this surely must be that as soon as one group are lifted from a life of drugs and street life there is another cohort coming behind them. If you have a child who gets on the school bus in King Street then look at them very closely when they come home at night – how do they look, how do they communicate with you- there is a group most mornings and afterschool who are clearly taking, smoking stuff- these youngsters are in danger of being the next generation of beggars and street drug users.

    It is no good parents thinking that my child will never end up like them – think long and hard and make sure you talk with your youngster – this time of year many are under huge pressure from exams and they are in danger of turning to substances to “ease” the pressure. If we can save this generation from a life on the streets then we really have started to solve the problem.



    More wishy-washy bollocks.

    Drug use use and drug users, used to be looked down upon and ostracized.

    Lock ’em up and if more come into town, lock them up and keep them locked up.

    If you use drugs, you’re a weak willed dickhead and the good people of society ie. the majority, should be protected from you.

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