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    An angle that is often overlooked is that drug users very often will decide they want to pay more for a fix as they assume the higher the price the better quality the ‘gear’ will be. The quality is unlikely to change but when you have people prepared to pay more for ‘quality’ then there will always be significant price variations and therefore a greater need for them to increase their income from begging or shoplifting. The only ones who win in this drug war are the dealers and the ‘drug’ chain that feeds the habits on the street.



    That police inspector only gets his face in the paper when it’s something positive.Never hear or see him when something negative is said.Wxm Police Have lost this town.Its a disgrace.


    Agreed comrade, but what have the Police everdone for us? Coppers!



    Agreed comrade, but what have the Police everdone for us? Coppers!

    Don’t you remember the good old days where local beat bobbies would tip their hats to all the elderly ladies and would take time out to lecture little Timmy at home for not eating all his greens.

    Nowadays Timmy is snorting crystallised forms of Zombie Space Dust funded by complete Downton Box Sets stolen from elderly ladies and sold for a few quid down at CeX.

    Local beat Bobby is too busy taking photos on social media of places they are patrolling and declaring all clear so that criminals know where to avoid and know that the rest of town is ripe for the picking.

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