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    Essential items only means the sale of fireworks and Halloween items have now been banned in the supermarkets.

    As nobody was told what the essential items were until last minute, it was impossible to plan ahead. So that means a lot of disappointed kids as lockdown exceeds these 2 events.

    The police have told everyone to celebrate these events at home, but looks like that won’t be allowed if you can’t get the items to celebrate.

    Trivial I know, but the broader point is that what is deemed essential and non essential is absurd. Baby clothes not allowed to be sold, mops and basic cleaning items cordoned off in Tesco Cefn. If you read books forget it, but if you want a magazine go ahead.

    Bedding and blankets not allowed on sale in October/November! Last time I checked a bigger Tog duvet kind of essential this time of year.

    The reasoning is absurd that they don’t want to disadvantage smaller shops who sell the same items who have to close but Amazon will be rubbing their hands with glee as they can continue selling (rightly so) online for delivery.

    At the end of the day the non essentials ban for stores allowed to open is idiotic and penalises people who live in Wales during this lockdown who can’t access basic goods that those in the rest of the UK can.



    Somebody has been letting fireworks off all night tonight. Do they realise that they won’t be able to buy more as they are not considered to be essential?

    I hope that they were not mixing with another household outdoors because the covid police should quite easily be able to track them down.



    With so many shops selling firworks these days that are intended for big displays and not back gardens I am glad they have been stopped. I am not a kill joy as I like displays when they are at organised events and plenty of space and safety. Some of these shop bought fireworks in close space in the back garden are going to do so much harm if anything goes wrong. There will always be some bright spark who thks they can have the best display in the street but end up with the fire service and ambulance having to be called.
    Act sensible and stay safe.



    I feel like the whole firework thing is becoming a very minor point versus the fact of the absurdity that you cannot buy a newborn baby grow if your baby is born unexpectedly in the next 2 weeks, but you may buy a litre of vodka to wet the baby’s head as it were.

    That is everything that is wrong with this essentials argument AND since I posted this earlier tonight, it turns out a large number of people are downright angry about the entire situation judging by the comments on Facebook and Twitter. I just thought I was having the usual moan and was interested in gauging thoughts on here.

    People have been sharing other examples and everyone must work from home if they can BUT printer paper is considered non essential and therefore not allowed to be sold in the supermarket.

    Situation needs reviewing drastically. Welsh Government have really messed up on this one.

    Nobody was warned what would be considered non essential until 6pm tonight so therefore nobody could possibly plan ahead and buy any items they needed from the ‘naughty’ list in advance.



    Yes, and a few people have made the point that cordoning off large parts of a shop causes people to cram together in the remaining space. If there are also specified times for shopping, then it all creates ideal conditions for infection to spread.



    Matt / I find myself agreeing with every word you have said here, strange times !

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    The illogical situation is likely to lead to lots of very angry customers in some of the supermarkets. The lateness in the announcement for businesses and the public to prepare has been badly handled. The problem also reflected on how busy the town centre was yesterday that felt more like Christmas shopping crowds at time.



    It might have been a good idea to stop the sale of alcohol in supermarkets altogether to give pubs & restaurants a fighting chance in a covid secure way to recouperate some of their loss of earnings & might have prevented some of the houseparties & gatherings that allegedly contributed to the spread of the virus.



    Prohibition of alcohol wouldn’t have been a good idea either. People will already be angry enough, the staff of these retailers have to put up with enough abuse as it is. On top of that customers are analysing them even more, any tickle in their throat or sneeze, they think they should be sacked for coming into work.

    Literally all they have done is create more of a panic than last time in Wales as people don’t know what they are classing as essential or non-essential causing less social distancing as they panic buy even if they really didn’t need the product.

    Surely they are smarter than this or did they want us all to get crammed together.

    The supermarkets were provided a tax break through all this, while like online retailers have also been benefiting from all this so there is no reason for us to feel sorry for the supermarkets. Showing the shift to big retailers and online retailers during all this is rather worrying for the future.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Supermarkets and the online giants have done well out of the pandemic. Slap a windfall tax on their profits to help pay for the support for all their rivals who have been forced to shut or have closed down during 2020. I know for some of these big firms paying their fair share will be a novel experience – let’s make it the ‘new normal’

    I am sure dogs,cats and horses will be pleased, every cloud has a silver lining.

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