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    Again we have another example of Police Officers or Police Community Support Officers doubling up!

    I totally agree that an important aspect of policing is giving crime prevention advice, although remain unsure if it is a role of the police to actually spend time engraving the tools at Huw Grays Builders, or if that should be done by somebody else. What I disagree with is the doubling up of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers to perform this type of duty. Did it really require two Police Community Support Officers to engrave the tools?

    We are continuously told that North Wales Police is under-resourced, there is no longer enough officers to conduct high-visibility patrols or deploy to some incidents, yet they can send two Police Community Support Officers to engrave tools. I cannot understand why their supervisor sanctioned doubling-up. What was the potential risks of a police community support officer attending alone?

    I accept that at times, it is necessary to double-up police officers based on a risk assessment, such as during the daytime when they know they are going to a volatile incident, or at night. The case for Police Community Support Officers doubling-up is less justified, as their role description is focused on high-visibility patrol and community liaison, rather than being deployed to volatile incidents.

    The problem with doubling-up is it immediately halfs the number of opportunities to see a Police Community Support Officer patrolling in their community, or police officers available for deployment to an incident. The police argument that resources are tight is undermined when they publicise that two officers were available to engrave tools both this week and the next.

    Before the Police Crime Commissioner puts his hand out for more taxpayers money, perhaps he should ensure that what he already has is being spent wisely!

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    Just legally take photographs of a Police Officer and you will soon see how resourceful they can be.



    It is incredible the amount of self-promotion that goes on in North Wales Police, even though they tend to press the send button without reflecting on what the public might think about it!

    T/Supt Mark Armstong, a senior officer, liked the tweet, so the question is, does he know how to manage his resources effectively? And, as T/Supt Armstong liked the tweet, it would be interesting to know the thoughts of the Police Crime Commissioner on the force’s senior officers use of its budget, and if he also thinks it acceptable. I expect we will never find out, as the Police Crime Commissioner does not like to publicise his impotence at scrutinising the force, it is far easier just to ask us taxpayers for more money

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    All the utility companies were informed re surfacing was going on it had been in the mix for two years ,no response was recieved before the re surfacing commenced ,as soon as it was done British Gas and the water told that they had new supplies to fit ,anger and complaints direct to the utility companies please these companies can and do what they like and all the screaming,shouting and the like won’t stop them as LEGALY they are allowed to do as they like with no consideration for the council or residents



    Anyone in Wrexham complaining about something that is a catch 22

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