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    Thank you for reporting the September FPN totals.

    Credit where it is due, the totals are once again clearly showing the number of fines issued for each category, instead of everything being lumped together. This transparency is appreciated.
    Well done to the enforcement team for increasing the total number of dog fouling penalties. I found zero dog fouling FPNs claimed to be issued during August. Good to note the number of dog fouling penalties for September has equalled the total achieved in July, with 3 FPNs issued.

    From the total 522, leaving aside the 3 dog fouling FPNs for a moment, of the remaining 519 FPNs, 246 were issued in Grosvenor, 90 issued in Smithfield.
    Would it be reasonable to assume some litter offenders have been caught multiple times or should we chance it and add getting on for 336 new people to the total of freshly alienated Wrexham Town Centre visitors ?
    All coming at a time when town centre footfall in Wrexham is so desperately needed.

    The question needs to be asked yet again, given the total volume of even 500 cigarette ends would fit inside a milk bottle – is it all worth it ?
    I walk through town every day and have my view, but I will leave it up to others to make up their own minds, has there been any noticeable reduction in town centre litter generally, let alone fag ends ?
    Eagles Meadow is always exceptionally clean and tidy, and apparently does not benefit from any enforcement, does Wrexham town centre benefit from enforcement ?

    Will Wrexham Council be undertaking any performance review such as in Maidstone during which the enforcement team were briefly taken off the streets ?
    Will we be allowed to know if there is an extra cost to have out of hours enforcement collect 2 FPNs for dog fouling ? Why are the number of dog fouling FPNs so low in comparison to “litter” ?
    With local print media having reported fine income is received by central government, whilst other councils have arrangements for a 50/50 share of FPNs – are we receiving value for money as Council Tax payers ?
    Is anybody monitoring footfall from Eagles Meadow to the town to gauge whether there is a negative impact from fear of penalties ?

    At a time when Wrexham Council deserves high praise for the free parking in December it will be a shame if this benefit is cancelled out by shoppers being put off from walking around the town through fear of being fined, especially elderly and vulnerable visitors.

    Kingdom Security Wardens Off Maidstone Streets After Fining Woman For Feeding Ducks

    Maidstone’s entire litter enforcement service has been suspended – after a woman was fined for feeding the ducks.
    The extraordinary move follows the latest action by an overzealous officer, and led to all wardens being taken off patrol while a review by Maidstone Borough Council was conducted.
    An £80 fixed penalty notice was issued to a woman feeding the ducks in Tovil – because the warden insisted no birds were present at the time.
    Alison Broom, chief executive of MBC, said: “Any service that the council provides to residents is continually reviewed to ensure it’s achieving its objectives.
    It was decided at an operational level that the Litter Enforcement Service would be reassessed with the aim of ensuring that Kingdom Security is providing the best response to our priority of providing a clean and safe environment.”
    Kingdom Security has a two year agreement worth £160,000 with the authority which also sees the company getting 50% of every fine issued.
    ” The ongoing campaign against littering and dog fouling across the County Borough resulted in a total of 522 Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs) issued throughout September by Kingdom Enforcement Officers.
    During September a total of £39,150 was issued in fines. This is down slightly on the £40,350 issued throughout August.
    A breakdown of September’s figures show that those caught dropping their cigarette butts remain the most fined, with 475 FPNs issued during the 30 days.
    A further 17 were issued for food littering, 25 for other littering and two for ‘printed littering’.
    Dog fouling is often a gripe many residents have about their estates and villages, with problems across Wrexham raised frequently over the past 12 months.

    During September three FPNs were issued for dog fouling.

    Last month reported that ‘identified dog fouling hotspots’ were being targeted as part of Kingdom’s ongoing work in the County Borough.
    Enforcement officers have since increased patrols around country parks along with additional patrols from 6am and until 9pm. Two of the dog fouling FPNs issued in September were issued out of hours. ”



    At a time when Wrexham Council deserves high praise for the free parking in December it will be a shame if this benefit is cancelled out by shoppers being put off from walking around the town through fear of being fined, especially elderly and vulnerable visitors.

    Why would this be a ‘fear’ for anyone unless they are intending on dropping litter, in which case, serves ’em right?

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