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    Don’t go Joan, Andy’s got a question about roundabouts.



    Don’t go Joan, Andy’s got a question about roundabouts.

    Could not find the question.



    Joan, I hope you stay around.
    There isn’t actually a question about red turnips.
    It is Sheefag’s wry wit.

    Too often female posters disappear, whatever happened to Maureen ?
    It would be nice if we could have a forum like Owen Smith’s proposed Shadow Cabinet – having at least 50% women.
    Oh hang on, I see the folly – what if we can’t find 50% that are any good !



    I am looking for some serious advice, if anyone could help? should I start a new thread on how utiltites are FREE!



    ” where I have challenged those to put up something plausible to counter what is posted nothing has come forward”

    Did you read the links where the people ended up in prison?? Is that not plausible?

    ” ok your dog’s craps on the street & you don’t pick it up how is that a crime? ”

    It is because the law says so and GOOD. Bill them and if they dont pay convict them in Court

    “all have the right to not pay fines before conviction. Put more simply let those who are plaintiff prove ???”

    That’s why its a penalty notice. Pay it or go to court. You can challenge their rights in Court. From the evidence available YOU WILL LOSE.

    Andy READ the posts in this thread you HAVE been ANSWERED

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