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    The point being … where is the justification and proof that the proposed increase is appropriate, necessary and fair. That consistent methods of transparency are applied throughout the transaction of public business.



    How many times does it need explaining ? The formula is there for the adherence of ALL Councils. WCBC is NOT an isolated incident.
    I am beginning to think that the the principal character in the novel ‘The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha’ has reappeared in the 21st Century.
    What is the point of trying to analyse something to the nth degree that you have absolutely no control over?
    Leave it to those that are in a position to make relevant and appropriate decisions……….please!!!!!


    After all they have probably brought in consulants to do it for them.
    Bring on the elections I can see there being some nervous councilors.



    Just because the regulations state that rents CAN be increased by inflation plus 0.5% does not mean that the council HAS to increase rents by this amount. Unless figures are produced the general public have no way of knowing if the increase is justified.



    People are busy working, and it is no doubt difficult to keep up to date on public debates, and get access to them. Now we are all having to pay more in rents and rates, is a good time to talk about next steps …

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