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    I went into Wrexham around one o clock this afternoon and there was an old lady by the pound shop on Island Green. She was being well looked after by passers-by even though she did not not look healthy. I walked back around 3.40pm and there was an ambulance outside the pouns shop that had come to take care of her.
    There were a great many bystanders who were very annoyed that the lady had been lying there for 3 hours.

    I will NOT knock the ambulance service because I respect the fact that they one hell of a job to do, and NHS cuts make that job even harder.

    My beef is that if this elderly person had been a druggy, would she have had to have waited that long?

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    My beef is that if this elderly person had been a druggy, would she have had to have waited that long?



    Council Watcher

    The waiting time at a pavement incident is in proportion to the severity of the situation as reported by the bystander when they first made contact with the ambulance service. They triage calls based on information provided- although distressing the service have to prioritize based on life-threatening risks.

    In this instance, if the message was an elderly person over 70 who was bleeding would have a higher response than someone of 50 in the same situation.

    This may seem harsh but it is the reality of triage which is why sometimes many ambulances are backed up with people who could have arranged their own transport to hospital but often people think they will be seen quicker if they go by ambulance — but this is not the case- the same triage applies if someone arrives by ambulance or through the main door.

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