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    Has anyone heard any comments from our MP or AM concerning these consultants.
    No! Not surprising most probably on the same band wagon.
    Mr Lucas almost out of a job and Lesley Griffiths will soon be following.

    While not defending either of the above, blaming either of them is like blaming the Easter bunny because you didn’t get a Christmas present!

    Health is devolved, therefore nothing to do with Mr Lucas and Westminster and the Health Minister is Vaughan Gething, not Lesley Griffiths.



    They are all culpable! Westminister control the Assembly’s budget and the Assembly have failed to spend what money they do have wisely! The forthcoming general election will see a game of “top trumps” played out in public with promises of ever larger amount of money pledged to the NHS by all parties. After the election promises will melt away and nothing will change. The problems of ever longer waiting time in A&E , ambulances backed up for hours outside hospitals , lack of GP’s, bed blocking and huge lists of unfilled vacancies is nothing new and were known about before the 2015 and 2017 elections.This is not just a local problem but a United Kingdom wide problem that needs a solution. Is the problem unsolvable?

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    Whilst the building of huge new housing estates continues we will continue to have have a problem with Betsi Cadwaladr. We have 3 hospitals to cover the whole of North Wales. Not enough doctors & nurses to staff the surgeries & hospitals we have so no point in building new ones. Wrexham has been turned into a commuter town. People buying new houses are not local people. No need to pay for consultants to tell us what we already know. We are overcrowded. The population exceeds the services offered.



    Zinger one of the issues is that too many people want to use the hospital when they could just go to a chemist. Until the numbers attending reduce the system will never cope even if there were hundreds of extra staff.



    Just one of the issues though Derek. I feel that those people are few & far between.



    Good to see some common sense prevail and the new rota system has been dropped. Probably a complete coincidence that a general election is underway and a change of mind has occurred !

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