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    It appears that since becoming an Executive BIard Members Cllr Phil Wynn no longer engages in any responses or comments on the Wrexham.com threads even when items apply directly to his Ward — note the entry on air pollution..
    Cllr Terry Evans uses Twitter — often with erroneous comments but he never responds to these Threads — again see air pollution.

    Perhaps the way forward in future will be to try and pose public questions and try and get answers at the Council Executive meetings — I say try as often the answers are so wooly or evasive it has proved a waste of time.

    Come on Councilors why can’t you give your views without having them censored first by the Council Leadership — you were elected as Independent Councillors yet all we see is a Party of Independents who have no independent thinking.



    There’s always a flurry of activity pre-election time, either prospective candidates trying to boost public engagement. Also some very suspect mystery accounts that pop up to either offer amazing praise to certain incumbents or discredit other candidates in their ward. These posters mysteriously disappear into the mystery mist almost as quickly as they appeared, as soon as the incumbents get back in.

    Nothing particularly shady about this or uncommon the world over, it’s just electioneering.

    The rest of the time when the public’s opinion matters not one iota to their careers, they won’t get in with the hoi polloi & face good old honest Average Joe.

    In this current configuration of Austerity Tories in Westminster, South Wales favouring Labour faction in The Senedd & a bunch of independents in Wrexham who only know how to cut services & take on money for expensive white elephants – we can all scream until we’re blue in the face with very little to show for it. Falling on deaf ears.

    Doesn’t mean we should stop trying, there just needs to be some kind of platform or movement for social & economic change in Wrexham. Numbers are needed, our noisy minority needs to give the rest of inert Wrexham a kick up the backside to get out and vote – these low numbers guarantee the same stale unqualified career politicians until they retire or drop dead.

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