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    It does not appear that the full facts have been put in the public domain over the Henblas Street development- Either the developers are chancers and hoping the Council will back down on what contribution they have to make to affordable housing or they are taking advantage of the incompetence of the Council to have secured the relevant legal paperwork at the time of the planning permission approval. The Council have been caught before with not having legally secured Section 106 and Community benefit clauses in contracts allowing developers on many occasions not to pay a penny towards affordable housing or community schemes.

    The Council need to make a statement as to whether the said legal agreements were in place or was it part of a ‘passing comment’ discussion included in the original application but not signed off in an enforceable way.

    As to having already sold all the apartments there si only one way that this would have occurred for the statement to be correct — the developer has ‘sold’ all the properties to a property company that will be the managing agents. In this scenario they are technically correct all apartments have been sold but potentially to an arm’s length company.

    Come on Wrexham Council wake up to the reality of the commercial world they people are running rings around you but have not done anything wrong as the condition was never enforceable.


    David Thomas

    I guess next the sports retailer will pull out of the old BHS store……..?



    How do you guess — have you noticed all the work going on to refurbish all the other shop units — has anyone seen any sign of development in the old BHS? When I went past the old BHS store recently there was no name for any particular retailer – surely from a commercial marketing perspective they would have put up a named store coming soon sign- or is this another case of the developer wishful thinking so other retailers would take on some of the other Henblas Street units expecting to be neighbours of a national retail sports chain store.

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