Denbighshire council to charge for garden waste collection.. How long before WCBC

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    Lol it’s not scaremongering, the fact is Welsh Government want a voluntary merger with Flintshire and it has stated that NO money will be available to fund the merger which could cost up to £400 Million. Just a few incentives which they haven’t disclosed because they don’t even know what they will be yet. And yes Flintshire are in a mess and need help



    I don’t need one lol. I don’t have a garden to put waste into so they are welcome to keep it. My current black bin is split down the side. Nothing I have done, it was like that when I moved in, but if I want it replaced, I have to be out of pocket. was probably the bin men anyway the way they throw stuff around.

    But when we lived with my parents when my son was born, we had to make weekly trips to the skips to get rid of rubbish because the black bin was full within 3 days.

    @Darlofan 15525 wrote:

    They’ll give you a green bin if you pay for it. We had to buy both our bins 8 years ago when we moved here.

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