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    It was of significant amusement the number of local demolition experts who deemed the controlled detonation to have ‘gone wrong’ because the building didn’t collapse in on itself just like they are used to seeing on YouTube videos.

    Clearly there must have been some level of expectation that it was going to topple sideways based on the huge area around the building that was cleared away. It also made sense to me as the base structure is unusual, with the base being much thinner than the top of the building. It was almost like it fell like a chopped down tree, with the thinner base of the building being a bit like a tree trunk. I could of course be completely wrong, but that’s what logic would dictate and would be factored in by those who have years of taking down tall buildings.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Thanks for taking the time to clear that up, or not.

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