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    Council Watcher

    Anyone who was at the Council Meeting or watched the web cast of the meeting today will undoubtedly feel that democracy has died in Wrexham- the selective responses given by Lead Members and the refusal to allow full responses to questions is nothing short of a disgrace.
    The responses to the Public Questions were a disgrace — no one gave a straight answer and left gaps.
    This style of Local Government will certainly see challenges in the Local Elections in 2017 and hopefully Save Wrexham will become a united force not only for the Groves but the whole county and stand against who clearly are self opinionated, self satisfying and self benefit (not the pay rise awarded today).



    Agree the public questions avoided the point and in answering the second question on the relationship between the Alexandra School and the intended school on the Groves site the dad member for Education avoided the latter.
    He further proved he has not read the Local Development Plan that the council is consulting on.
    This identifies the need for two new primary schools of at least 420 places are needed in the lifetime of the plan ( page 84 ) but not at the Groves site ,but I was gagged from telling you all that in the meeting!


    Council Watcher

    It is common sense that this number of extra places are not required in the town centre as the 12,000 new homes are County wide. If a school is to built on the Groves this can only occur if another closes and the children moved or we have a massive fleet of ‘Child Catcher’ buses going around the County. The Alexander response was red herring.

    It also appears that the Audiology Department are going to be busy in the Maelor Hospital as selective hearing must now be an contagious illness that affects Council Members.


    The Monitor

    I totally agree. This council is a mess. No democratic process. The ignorant councillors spent more time discussing their pay and casting insults at each other, than speaking honestly and openly to the concerned public. They prevaricated, ummmed and ahhhed, before giving none answers or simply dodging the issues. The now Deputy Mayor due to be Mayor next is a disgrace. He cannot speak or answer questions without first asking Mr T Coxon for the answer. In fact not much takes place without having been primed or answers written on paper by Mr Coxon or Ms Paterson to be read out by this bumbling man. The treatment of some councillor members by Lead Members, the Deputy Mayor and the Leader of the Executive Board is nothing but downright rude and insulting.

    There must be a way to bring this mockery of a council down without waiting for the next elections.

    Their decisions appear to be self gratifying. Motives, well those need to be investigated by an Authority not of WCBC.


    Liz Jackson

    One of the possible ways to remove the Executive Board prior to the 2017 Local Government election would be to give evidence to the new Government about errors and possible maladministration by the current Board.
    There certainly is enough for any Government to consider – they have done it before so a president has been set.
    The reasons could include-
    Personality politics which shows there is little respect between some Councillor and their behaviours in public arenas is bring the Office of Councillor into Disrepute.
    Mismanagement of the closure of Plas Madoc Leisure Centre
    Mismanagement over the Groves site
    Mismanagement of the Town Centre
    Mismanagement of schools and yet another secondary in Special Measures
    Mismanagement of budget management = needing to pay £4.5 million to PWC consults to do the work of Senior Managers
    Mismanagement of the Arts Hub and Markets
    Mismanagement of budgets with cuts of £15 m when only £6 mi required die to better settlement
    Mismanagement of handling of FOIs with large number being delayed

    Bring on the Save Wrexham campaign group there is plenty here for you to get your teeth into..



    I totally disagree with you. I went to the meeting and the only people who were rude were the public gallery who shouted the mayor was a liar. It was disgraceful behaviour and unacceptable.


    Aye Dragon.

    Doesn’t mean it’s not true mind.



    As I said earlier the conduct in the public gallery was a disgrace and not becoming in a public meeting, certain people need to learn some manners.



    This isn’t the first occasion that the Deputy Mayor has chaired the meeting , surely it should be the Mayor?


    Liz Jackson

    The webcast is available for everyone to decide who was rude — the Leader stopped on at least two occasions not for the public gallery but of comments by Councillors that he heard.
    The comments about gutter politics also reflects the mood of the meeting amongst Council Members.
    The public gallery were expecting a debate and it was closed down – the Deputy Mayor did not allow responses and Lead Members not answering questions — the public had every right to moan about the proceedings

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