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    So all this brown water is the result of planned activity!! Why have they not alerted householders in advance? It is also a bit late to say people should not use household appliances. By not supplying an honest answer from the start they give the impression they have something to hide. They could be more open and honest by publishing details of where and when they are going to ” flush” next.



    Well at least we know now where one of the missing WXM glasses ended up.



    We have an update on this in the morning – but have heard reports of larger bits of sediment in water so the dont use ‘household appliances’ might be worthwhile to follow!


    Alicia Owen

    Came home today to find a letter apologising for this but dated 24th July! It warns this may happen again on Thursday. If it was written on 24th shouldn’t that have happened last Thursday?! Am very annoyed we didn’t get warned about this in advance.



    Llay area were ‘flushed’ a couple of weeks ago. Letters were sent out informing householders of the work and it was done by the time i came home from work, at least i think it was! I have never heard of flushing before but perhaps Freedom of Information means they now have to inform householders when, in the past, they did not.


    Participant Gets To The Source Of Water Discolouration – Water Theft! |

    The latest this morning, anyone seen or heard of water thefts?



    @andy 1624 wrote:

    Well at least we know now where one of the missing WXM glasses ended up.

    That was my photograph which featured on the main page.

    Bought the glass from the Wrexham Museum. Pint glass and half-pint glass for £5.



    We have been getting brown water for weeks on the Wrexham Industrial Estate and as far as I am aware they haven’t been doing any flushing. But perhaps we will get a letter next week.



    I was just thinking this water discolouration could be serious for some businesses like restaurants, breweries and food manufacturing companies. I wonder if they keep factories like Kelloggs better informed?



    I work at a microbrewery on the estate and we haven’t had any problems with discoloured water. I’d be fuming if I had.

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